The Dashburry shipping company was started as a mercantile back in 1856 by Perry Whitcomb, Emma’s grandfather. Today the Dashburry company does not use the high end technology that his competitor does, but the town of Davington flourished anyway. Beckweldt seemed to appear overnight and was bit by bit taking over the Dashburry shipping companies customers. The new establishment had the latest in telemetry technology available located on a small strategic piece of ground just outside of Davington. This important piece of ground was located near the ocean and was the only location for 200 miles. It would have made the perfect place for a home.

Beckweldt enterprises was ruthless and did not have the customer service reputation like Dashburry Shipping. They were particular with what they transported, where it went and how much. Unless you had a lot to move, the company would simply ignore you. There were small businesses that shipped world wide, but not enough to meet the qualifications for Beckweldt enterprises. The company owner knew they had a monopoly and he meant to keep it.

The defense department meanwhile had been using the Dashburry company for several years and was looking to expand its military presence. They would need a substantial increase in services and it could be very good for Davington. But the control of such a large shipping complex would require a reliable satellite tie-in. Unfortunately, there were no sites available, except the one Beckweldt had and they were not about to share it with the military. There was another location that was a little less suitable for the defense department and it was the only other location possible. The only problem being it was over 95 miles north of the present base. It was out of the area for strategic advantages but Belem Bay could afford to build the satellite station.

The shipping lanes from there were not the best, it was a real narrow area with lots of close little islands. Navigating through there was a nightmare, it was dangerous for the bigger ships. There was only one approach that worked, and it was real narrow. The land around it was steep and not having any level ground to build warehouses caused a major storage problem for Belem Bay. The cadmium mine it had was the main industry in town, and luckily the relatively small shipments they made were very valuable. This mine supported the whole town, but it wasn’t easy living there because everything had to be shipped in.

Dashburry shipping supplied the ore cargo container for Belem Bay, and it worked out quite good for both. The mine only worked a regular shift, since there were few containers to store the additional ore that could be mined, they just left it in place.

There weren’t very many other shipping suppliers that would go there, even if the fees Belem Bay paid were high. Other ships were too big, or too heavy to approach. The town council suggested using small tugs to move the cadmium ore to the cargo ships, but offshore loading was time consuming and dangerous in bad weather. Too bad the little harbor was only suited for smaller boat traffic.

Edmond knew there had to be a simple solution and he had been working on an idea for a long time. Belem Bay might be able to make it a little easier to ship the cadmium, though it might be a little expensive to build. It could mean a moving lot more material both ways if he could just figure out the complex system to do it.

Sadly Edmond needed to try to figure out how to update some of the tracking and shipping equipment to streamline his companies operations first. Too much time was going to paperwork and not enough to them being able to move faster. Money was tight, and his mothers health was steadily getting worse. All of this was putting a strain on everyone at the estate, and he knew it. Edmond had another distraction, it concerned the Bremen Bay predicament and how he would increase his shipping capacity without bankrupting his company.

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Do you figure this is just another ho-hum story? It’s just a story I made up, and there’s more to come! Stop by again to learn about the rest of the Dashburry characters. There’s Max, Crutchfeldt, Delia and Beulah. It’s all right here on “what happens at Pops perspective.”

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