LITTLE GREEN FEATHERS Chpt 2 “The Arrival of Max”

Cute baby parrot

The big green Macaw parrot was named Max by his previous owner, Emma’s grandmother. It was a week and a half after his mother passed that Edmond had found the bird in a tipped over cage behind the couch. The bird had lost most of its feathers molting and its skin was wrinkled and sagging. Edmond’s mother had let Max get quite fat feeding it pecans and blueberries. Max was in bad shape and definitely needed some help. He picked up the shaky little figure and wrapped it up in an old towel, knowing that the next step would be to go see the vet. The bird was maybe only 5 years old, he thought it was luck that the bird didn’t die of starvation. The vet commented that because the bird obviously used to be fat and that was what probably saved it from starvation.

The vet said that Max would need to be watched closely for a few days, or until it managed to stand up steadily on a perch. Edmond was quite taken by the bird, since it had been there with his mother all those years. The bird and Emma had apparently watched a lot of television and it seemed the bird had picked up bits and pieces of conversation from the programs they watched together. The favorite phrase was “damn cat.” Another was “Intruder” if it didn’t recognize who it was that came into the room.

Once they got home, Edmond asked Delia to put the bird in its regular cage. Max just stood on the bottom of the cage, watching closely and shivering. When Edmond moved away, the bird screeched and jumped up on the side of the cage wings flapping and shaking violently. The bird freaked out thinking it was going to be left alone again. Edmond reached into the cage and picked the bird off the wires, put it under his jacket and walked into the bath room. He used his custom towel warmer to warm up a hand towel, then took Max out and wrapped the bird in it. Now settled down the bird closed its eyes, so long as Edmond still had hold of it. For about a week Max was with Edmond every moment of the day. Gradually he let the bird walk around on his desk, making sure it didn’t crap on any of the paperwork.

One day, from far off, Edmond could hear the tinkle of an old ice cream peddler’s truck through an open window. The tune it was playing was “oh what a beautiful morning”. All of a sudden Max starts singing “28, 6 and 2, back 13 and now for 2”, and then the bird just stopped singing. What did it mean? Edmond didn’t know. He knew that his mother had taught it to talk and usually it didn’t make a lot of sense, but the bird was a character.

Learn more about proper Bird Handling.


This little jingle that the bird had sang was always in the back of Edmond’s mind, but he had shortened it to 28,6 and 2 that’s enough just for you. The irony of it all was that there was a lot more to that little jingle than Edmond knew.

After about 4 weeks, the bird grew short little green feathers all over and didn’t quite look like a plucked chicken anymore. Better yet, it was eating in its new cage now and sleeping there at night as long as Edmond was in the room. The bird didn’t talk too much, mostly squawked, but on occasion would say “berries” once in a while, obviously hungry.

After his mothers passing, Edmond had her possessions relocated to the estate. Most of the things were small and fortunately did not take up much room. An old antique desk, an old statue that her grandfather gave her and that old heavy singer safe which Edmond didn’t give much thought. The will that his mother left had provided Edmond with some warehouse property that was located in the downtown district. But the buildings really needed some repairs. He had preserved the family heirlooms, not wanting to sell off the jewelry she had, although some of it was quite valuable. The lawyer had gone through the estate and looked at all the documents to see if there was anything that would be a problem later and found nothing. This was a big relief to Edmond and he knew his mother had some stock she retained, which gave her a nice little income and that had helped with the final expenses of his mothers funeral. Oh if only someone would have remembered the storage room where the old singer safe was stored. It had been setting there ignored, just waiting for someone to discover what secret it held within.

Poor Max. Don’t worry, the bird will be fine. However, that stuff in storage turns out to be quite interesting eventually. Please come on by again and find out “what happens at Pops perspective.”

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