I called Him Just-A-Few

I Called Him ‘Just A Few’

We lived on the outskirts of town, not exactly in the country but right in between the two. Far enough out to be considered semi rural but close enough to the city for close neighbors. Since we were not “in town” our streets were not all paved, the one l lived on was gravel. It was only a block and a half to the bus stop so it was not a long walk, but there was a pitfall along the way.

These were my grade school years, you know marbles and tether ball in the spring and summer, snow balls in the winter. Walking home by myself was kind of lonely yes but there was always one sure thing that I could count on every school day. The neighbors up the street from us had a horse and the neighbor on the opposite side had a couple of cows.

Now being a farm kid, this sort of thing really didn’t bother me. I played baseball in the pasture, I lived around a dairy herd, there were chickens, pigs and a even a few geese. What kind of problem could an old flea-bit stable horse be to me? This one had an attitude I guess, because there was not a day that went by he didn’t make sure to greet me.

He was about 200 feet from the corner where the bus dropped off us kids, and I was the only one who went past him on my way home. Why he picked on me, I don’t know. Maybe he thought I had done something to him. This old sway-back would see me coming and would position himself along the fence that ran along the road where I would have to walk. He was very good at determining which way the gentle breeze blew or he just waited until the right moment. Either way, he was not only nasty, he was accurate to within a few feet.

The reason I called him Just a Few was because as I got close, or at the right time he would lift his tail and let her fly, it sounded like “just-a-few”… and gad-free, did it stink! Oh man, every school day, right on schedule he gassed me good. I tried to run by him, I tried to walk across the road away from him, it didn’t matter, he always got me.

I tolerated that old piece of slaughter house reject for almost two years, until those neighbors moved and took old Just a Few with them. Not to say that the new neighbor that moved in were any better, because these new folks were from Arkansas. In that pasture where the horse was, old man Leo Sr. grew field corn, and you’d probably guess why. Yep, Leo Jr. and I found it stashed in the shed one day, it was hot going down and I thought it had a muddy corn taste, what do kids know?.

I do want you to know, I never did anything to that old nag, maybe little Leo did. All I do know was, this really was the occasion for me on that road in my school days. Please come back by and find out more on “What Happens at Pop’s Perspective.”


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