LITTLE GREEN FEATHERS Chpt 3 Deemed Not Adoptable

Her father had been killed in a freak accident, so now Delia’s unmarried mother had to put her up for adoption at the Pepper Ridge Orphanage, the child was only a year old. When she turned 10, Delia was assigned to the laundry facility hopefully to tame her down a little. She had developed quite a reputation as an unruly child and no one wanted a problem child back then.

By the time she was 17, Delia was operating the press and fold equipment like a pro. Emma Dashburry was a contributor to the Pepper Ridge Orphanage and visited only once in a while. It was during one of those visits that she first got to meet Delia. The headmaster told Emma that there was one of the older girls who would soon be leaving and she needed a job. That’s how Delia became a maid at the Dashburry estate. She learned quickly how to polish silver and clean but her specialty was the starched curtains and making elegant table displays for the Dashburry’s. Gradually, she learned how to help Edmond Dashburry in his home office, sorting and sending his mail.

It was the first of the month and the mail was stacked up pretty high on the desk, Edmond had signed all the letters or other important documents and usually put them on the corner of the desk. The letters and envelopes were stacked together and all Delia had to do was fold and seal. But this time, she accidentally mixed up the letters.

She sent the one about renegotiating the bank loan to Edmond’s worst competitor Beckweldt Enterprises. What was worse was that the letter to Beckweldt about rejecting the offer of doing business with them went to the loan officer at the bank.

Ever since the Beckweldt company started business, things had started to go bad for Dashburry shipping. The letter had been forwarded to the president of Beckweldt Enterprise, a Mr. Bernard Shackleton. With this information he knew more about Dashburry shipping than they knew about his company and for Bernard, this would be a distinct advantage.

No use in trying to convince Edmond Dashburry to do business with him, as he now knew how to make Dashburry go away. If they were in financial difficulties then all Shakelton had to do was to under bid several large accounts that Edmond had and they would be unable to continue without a large cash infusion.

Quietly, and without making it a big deal of it, Bernard called on his financial assistant and between them they drew up several lucrative offers. Ones that the company would show several other business that were doing business with Dashburry shipping. It would be operating at a loss for the Beckweldt company. But after the fall of Dashburry, Bernard was convinced he could then raise the cost of doing business because he was the only transportation merchant available for several hundred miles. He could expand the company and become a world wide trader, doing business with the big markets all over the world. His salary and worth would triple within a year and eventually Beckweldt Enterprises would become a giant.

When the bank manager called about the letter of intent he had received, it was a shock and an embarrassment to Edmond. He told the bank manager that letter he received was supposed to go to the Dashburry companies competitor, Beckweldt enterprise. Edmond told him that Beckweldt had approached him about a merger and he did not want the offer.

Fortunately for Delia, Edmond was forgiving and so was Hershel Agsworth, the bank manager but the mix up still gave her nightmares for a month. Weeks later as she was coming across the lawn to the great room, she stepped on a fresh pile of wild bore droppings that hid among the oak leaves. Unfortunately it got stuck in the arch of her shoe and stayed there until she stepped on the floor vent in the great room. She had noticed that the curtain was partially hanging off of Max’s perch so she went to fix it. The bore crap now falls off, goes through the vent and slides down into the duct pipe, where it would become a bigger problem later.

Not enough crap for you? Hey, Edmond is a forgiving person, these people are family. Wait till you see what happens to Max.  For more about this story and others and stay tuned in about “What Happens at Pop’s Perspective” and visit often!

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