Here it is, September already. There is a cool fall mist still hanging around in the trees and lingering lightly everywhere on the grounds of the beautiful Dashburry estate. A fresh new layer of glittering dew sets on the iron fencing surrounding the prized award winning rose garden. There is the feel of moisture in the morning air. Stepping out of the entryway door was Crutchfeldt the butler. As he reaches back for the large brass fixture, he suddenly realizes that there is something else on the handle. Whatever it is, he knows it’s cold, wet and slimy.

He wasn’t ready for any surprises, well not this early in the morning anyway. Upon closer examination it turns out that he grasped the fresh pigeon crap covered handle on the door. Now really upset and frustrated, he turns to use his other hand on the door to go back inside. But before he does, he glances down at the marble steps where he was standing only to find that he has also stepped into several other splotches of the fresh muck as well.

This is bad because now he has to take off his shoes and step inside. He figures he can go to the utility closet near the back of the kitchen and simply clean off his shoes. As he walks past the great room toward the kitchen, he is seen by a large green Macaw parrot named Max. This bird does not like Crutchfeldt and he has long known it. All of a sudden, the parrot starts squawking loudly “intruder, intruder” from a perch in the cage! Delia, the maid is in the library and she comes running to see what is causing the bird to screech.

As she comes around the corner, she spots Crutchfeldt at the door of the utility with his shoes in his hand. Obviously uneasy, he fumbles one handed with the door and goes inside. Delia quickly follows him inside and patiently asks “what are you doing carrying your shoes around like that”? Crutchfeldt looks at her and tells her that he had stepped into some pigeon droppings on the marble steps out front and was only going to clean them off here in the sink.

The cook was sure she had heard the bird earlier and now she hears voices coming from the utility closet. She is curious, she has to know what is going on and is going to find out. When she swings open the pantry door, she see’s Delia and Crutchfeldt with his shoes in her hand. Mrs Schmaltz panics and quickly slams the utility door. That bang causes Max to start screeching “fight, fight, fight” and down jumps the bird on the floor of the cage to hide.

All this screeching and door banging has alerted Edmond Dashburry. Now he gets up and steps away from his desk. He quickly walks past the great room and goes to find out for for himself just what was going on. In their haste to clean Crutchfeldt’s shoes, Delia had splashed some water oh his suit jacket and more on her apron. Edmond hears voices inside the utility closet and opens the door. To his surprise, there stands Delia holding her apron and Crutchfeldt is holding his suit coat. Both of their faces quickly turned bright red.

It was almost twenty minutes later and two cups of rosebud imported tea before Crutchfeldt was able to explain what happened. Edmond and Mrs Schmaltz had listened to all of it and were quite amused. But poor Crutchfeldt had taken a serious blow to his ego and professional pride. If only Delia hadn’t shown up, this all would have been avoided, and how that stupid bird had been so aggravating.

After he changed, it was time to take care of those front steps. He knows that if it isn’t cleaned up quickly, the master would get it on his shoes and it would wind up on the floorboards of the well shined gray Bentley. Crutchfeldt did not want another episode of pigeon crap to come up, it would only be more embarrassing.

The pigeon crap was nothing compared to what a few wild boars had left when they wandered through the grounds during the night. Those pigs had left little surprises in several places. One spot in particular was on the edge of the lawn and the cement. Only a few feet away from the side door to the great room, just setting there in the dried oak leaves, waiting to be stepped on.

Poor Crutchfeldt, and now this?  That little surprise in the lawn and.. oh well, sadly folks, that’s it for today.  Please check in again and find out “what happens at Pops perspective.”

Mischievous wild boars


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