Dream home

Everyone usually has a home they spend a lot of time daydreaming about, I know someone who built hers. Granted, it looks like it is a two story palace, but it is referred to as ‘the cabin’. When you build a cabin along the lake, you consider encountering bears, deer, yellow jackets, mice, ground squirrels and being close to the water, lots of and lots of mosquitoes.

Its a pretty view of the lake from the dining area when the sun comes up in the morning and a beautiful sunset is displayed in the evening. Dry gravel roads do provide lots of dust, evergreen trees leave pine needles and pine cones all over but no one ever mentioned how big of a problem bats would be.

There are a pair of bay windows overlooking the balcony on the main floor. Birds sing, insects of all varieties such as bark beetles and flies are everywhere and as usual those pesky mosquitoes. Dang bugs, lots of them, they seem to be just about everywhere.

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Then evening comes along but those pesky insects are still a nuisance if you are outside. But wait, now its time to get batty and here they come. Where did they come from? Oh aren’t they cute, and so quick. Hey, that’s okay, because they do eat a whole lot of those pesky flying bugs and mosquitoes.

Sure they do, and in a forest by the lake the population of bugs and mosquitoes out number the birds and bats probably 50,000 to one. So a well fed bat can eat a hundreds of gnats and mosquitoes each night. No doubt that’s a lot of insects for a small 2 ounce flying rodent no bigger than a tea spoon with wings.

A well fed bat eventually will go to bed before dawn because they are nocturnal, meaning they sleep in the daytime. But before going to bed, there is another issue to resolve. Must be all that liquid in those insects to haul around, now they have bat pee to contend with. And how do I know bats pee? Remember those big bay window I told you about earlier? As the bat flies along blindly, his radar doesn’t really detect glass too well and it scares the pee out of him in mid air as he barely misses running into the glass. Yep, they all take a shot at it, no one gets left out.

And all that bug ingestion, it results in bat poop dropping from the corner where they roost on the balcony for the night. Being social animals, they usually group together. A bunch of bats in a small area can produce quite a collection of bat crap and it will pile up gradually. In a matter of several weeks, your pretty view of the lake is clouded over by a bat pee splattered bay window. And on inside corner of the deck under the eves is covered with a ¼ inch layer of dried bat guano. Lucky for my sister, these little guys are not the size of a tennis ball.

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One thought on “Dream home

  1. bat guano–some places with large colonies of these creatures harvest said guano and after some refinement, sell the ‘fertilizer’–I know there isn’t enough collected at present, but it could work in time. Wouldn’t it be nice if it worked as a bug deterrent?


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