Emma stayed in the old home Shelby and her had built it in downtown Davington, this was their home. Soon after graduating high school, Edmond, their son, had gone off to college. Halfway into his sophomore year, his father died, leaving Emma all alone. Her neighbor, Hershel Wentworth, only lived a few houses down and was quite surprised to see her take charge so easily.

Edmond came home mid term and went to work immediately with his mother at the Dashburry company. Within a year, he had gotten things back on track and business was really picking up.

Hershel Wentworth, who was the bank’s loan manager knew all about the Dashburry company, but it wasn’t as big as the other new and upcoming one, Beckweldt enterprises. Eager to grow the banks financial position, Hershel offered certain advantages to Bernard Shackleton, the president. After all, his older sister Anastasia was married to him, why not keep it in the family?

The Beckweldt company had money, because they were ruthless and clever. They took advantage of every opportunity and usually came out on top. The bank had real estate holdings in several prime locations downtown and had offered them to the Beckweldt company as warehouse complex building sites. What Beckweldt needed was a good location for a new type of state of the art communication tower. It was to be used to coordinate and control shipping traffic over a greater distance than conventional means, meaning none of the property the bank had to offer would do.

Hershel remembered a conversation long ago between him and Charles Dashburry about a piece of ground outside of town he owned, he had once considered using it as collateral for a new expansion loan. But his health started to go bad and he never per-sued the venture with the bank. Hershel took Bernard on a little trip to show him this piece of ground which turned out to be the only place to build the tower. Just how expensive would it be to buy this ground? Hershel told Bernard he would get back to him in a few days about the price. He had an idea what the property should sell for but he also knew Emma owned it and would sell it cheap.

He thought if he could get the property cheap, then sell it to Bernard, it would give him the connection he needed into the Beckweldt company as well as a handsome stock option advantage. Hershel went to the assessors office to look up the deed records in his search to find out more about the property. He discovered the named owner on the original deed was not Dashburry, it was Whitcomb!

Further investigation did not reveal any other legal owners either so he figured it was an easy way to squeeze Emma into selling her interest without raising a fuss with Edmond.

Emma had investments and an income, but things could be better for the company if they had the extra money to build another warehouse. Hershel contacted Emma and told her he had an interest in the property out in the country Shelby once told him he had. She was pleased to hear that there might be a chance to sell that property after all and then loan it to Edmond. Hershel said he would make her an offer of a hundred thousand dollars, figuring it would be just about the right amount to build another warehouse downtown and a down payment on some property.

When she said she would gladly sell, Hershel handed her the documents to sign so the sale could be finalized. Several days later, he contacted Emma telling her that he was going to have to call off the deal because he said he found out that the property did not belong to her! He said that he would have to go the the authorities about her trying to defraud the bank by selling property she didn’t own.

Emma didn’t know her grandfather had never changed the deed. Emma didn’t know that the will was in the folder too and worst yet, she had forgotten the combination to the safe.

Poor Emma was too ashamed to tell Edmond about what had happened, she knew he would think she had lost her edge. She had never told him about the deed because his father thought it was too small to be useful, and now it had became a big problem for her.

Since the deeds owner was long deceased, Hershel filed a claim to the property by fault of abandonment and promptly sold it to Bernard for thirty five thousand dollars, a twenty percent markup over market value!


Now this fella is a jerk. Poor Emma, she didn’t know. I bet there is someone who can fix this. Wait until you see who it is! Please stop by to find out more on “what happens at Pops perspective.”

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