Grandpa And His Frogs

Kids will be kids. My cousin had came to the farm for a short visit and I took him down to the pond to show him all the tadpoles I had seen a couple of weeks ago. I told him there were hundreds of them all over the place! He wanted to see them too. We told mom where we were going and she told us not to stay there too long, it would be dark soon. This pond was quite large, but only knee deep, it was left over irrigation water that collected next to a fork in the road during the summer.


Going through the cattails and stepping over the edge near the water, we could see little frogs everywhere. The ground moved, there were so many of them! We started gathering as many as we could carry, but ran out of places to put them quick. I said “just a minute, I have an idea.” We were using an old cardboard cup we found, I knew where an old pith helmet hat was. It had been there for a long time but it would work good for holding frogs!

We gathered maybe 50 of those little guys and they kept jumping out of the hat, so we decided that we needed a cover. Looking around, I found an old no trespassing sign nailed on a piece of wood, that would do. Our pants were wet now and our shoes were squishy but we had all those frogs. “Oh boy, wait till we show your mom” I said. We carried that helmet all the way back to the house and sat it outside on a table by the porch.


We were so excited, we wanted to tell everyone what we had found, this was a big thing for us. Our mom’s got after us because we were coming into the house with wet shoes, and told us to take them off. Grandpa asked us what it was that we had found, we simply told him frogs! “Can I see them?” he said. I ran off to the porch, grabbed the helmet with the lid and brought it back inside where I promptly put it in his lap.

When he lifted the sign off of the old helmet, he yelled “holey doodle” and threw it up in the air! He didn’t think we had little frogs, he thought we had big old toads, like we usually found around the house. When the hat went into the air, frogs went everywhere, landing on tables, the floor and the laps of those setting on the couch. “Oh mercy!” said grandma, all this really surprised everyone!

Frogs were everywhere, on tables, on the floor, even in my aunts hair. Now they think its funny, well not to everyone, grandma was not happy at all.


She used a broom to try to sweep up as many of he little guys as she could find. My cousin and I picked up any survivors by hand when we could find them. I hoped we had found all of them, but we didn’t bother to count them before. Those that we caught along with those that grandmother swept up were put outside in back on the grass and I thought that would be the end of that.

I knew there had been a couple found in the pantry later and under the sink in the kitchen, their croaking gave them away. Those survivors went outside too. Grandmother called them grandpa’s frogs, and said she wished we had never brought them into the house. Almost a month later, I heard a little chorus of frog voices coming from the basement. There was an old shower down there, maybe one or two of those little guys made it to the basement after all.


Maybe was an understatement! The flashlight only showed that there were at least five frogs. It was incredible to see almost twenty or more around an old wet shower floor. They were everywhere, bunches of them. Especially when we turned on the overhead light.

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