LITTLE GREEN FEATHERS Chpt 8 Bad Luck Comes In Two’s


Finch Fine Furniture was a long time business in Davington. Furniture was not being made at that warehouse, why would they need security at a furniture manufacturing plant? Finch was making something alright, it was a piece of high tech equipment designed for the air force. They were manufacturing something called 3 rams, a portable radar system that could be set up in 15 minutes with only 3 personnel.

This new equipment was making big waves in the department of defense, especially for the air force. The radar unit could set up quickly and respond to any local threat without having to rely on long distance radar stations that occasionally missed low flying aircraft.

Edmond was the only company that had the clearance to transport those units to their destination which was over 1000 miles away. Special traffic restrictions and strange vehicles eventually became the norm for the locals, they figured it was very expensive special order furniture pieces.

When the federal marshals showed up, everyone thought it was a real important order. It did not take long for them to discover the chain and lock on the gate or a van outside the main door being used to escort management staff inside.


A phone call to Edmond’s company alerted them to withhold any further shipping assignments until further notice by order of the justice department. The finch company was now officially closed. When he asked why, the marshal told Edmond that the company manager was convicted by grand jury; of selling 3 ram technology to a foreign power. The news was a shock to Edmond, this was not a good time to loose such a big account, it was already hard enough to meet payroll as it was. This would not be easy to adjust to and it might require some temporary lay offs.

Within a week, federal marshals came knocking at the doors of Dashburry shipping with a warrant to review their records. Edmond thought it was because of the Fitch deal and the continuing investigation, but he was wrong. A complaint accusing the Dashburry company of shorting the shipments of cadmium from Bremen Bay by approximately 500 pounds had been filed. And until the investigation was completed, Dashburry was told to halt all business activity. Edmond’s lawyers asked to see who it was that filed the complaint and found it was Bernard Shackleton, the owner of Beckweldt enterprises.

Being shut down was bad enough, but this was a huge setback and could threaten the bidding activity for the new navy contract that he was invested in. This had to be resolved quickly and completely, there was a multi million dollar operation on the line here. When Edmond checked into the bills of lading, he noticed a small overlooked flaw that would result in the difference on the tonnage shipped and received. It said on the lading bill that the capacity of the cargo ships was 176,500 square feet of cargo space, it should have read 176,000 cubic feet, that would explain the difference easily. A recent hull modification made to enforce them didn’t get changed on the lading document showing the change in the cargo hold structure capacity. This modification to the ships had taken place 14 months ago to try to prevent further ship cargo hold damage, extending their life expectancy.

When Beckweldt went to the Bremen Bay mining company to offer a competing bid, he found the difference while reviewing recent documents, there was a 500 pounds difference on each load.

The mining company figured the price difference for the ore shipped was due to a small rising transportation cost.

Luckily, for Edmond, the engineering department found the problem, it was a simple matter to prove that modifications to the ships caused the difference in tonnage shipped and tonnage delivered. It was a mistake with paperwork and not one of larceny. Edmond now knew he had a real adversary on his hands and that they would have to be very careful dealing with Beckweldt enterprises. This company would take advantage of any loophole or other unscrupulous act to gain the advantage, no matter who they were.


That could have ended very badly for Dashburry Shipping. But the Bremen Mining company still can’t ship too much ore, how to fix that? Please stop by again and find out more on “what happens at Pops perspective.”

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