The Black Widow and the Scorpion

I don’t remember where my dad found the scorpion but I knew it was a dangerous. I told him that I knew where there was an old black widow spider. He told me to be careful and go capture it in a glass jar. We put both of them in an individual jar, not wanting either of them to be loose around the house or outside.

Click the Image to watch what happens in this EPIC battle between a black widow & scorpion.

Dad and mom were talking about the scorpion and how it was a nasty character, probably would kill the poor spider in a couple of seconds. I don’t remember what made him decide to put them into the same jar but I never did forget what happened.

If you ever get the same chance and want to make a bet with someone who will last the longest, get yourself a black widow spider and find a small scorpion somewhere. They are found in the desert area, I strongly suggest using extreme caution when handling either of them and don’t be stupid, wear gloves. Keep them in separate jars, eventually put them in a single jar and wait to see what unfolds.

We put the spider in first, and right after that the scorpion was dropped in, then the jar lid was screwed on. When the spider noticed the scorpion, it only seconds for the her to go up the side of the glass jar to the top. She promptly went to the center of the bottom of the lid. The scorpion stayed on the bottom of the jar of course, it couldn’t climb. After a while, the spider slowly dropped down on a thread from above, suspended from the lid. I thought it was going to build a web to catch the scorpion. Which she did!

We were shocked to see how the spider somehow had managed to attach a strand of silk to the tail of the scorpion first and how she quickly went up the side of the jar again. Then back to the top of he lid. She kept coming down the silk and would snare another appendage of the scorpion, one leg at a time. Pretty soon she had managed to capture the poor scorpion in a tangle of webbing at the bottom of the jar. But the main focus of the spider had been the tail, it had more strands on it than the other legs did.

By the next day, the scorpion was dead. I have repeated this experiment one other time and the final result was the same, she always wins. I suppose if the poor scorpion had a hard shell back, maybe he would survive, I don’t know, I didn’t have one. Turn the jar sideways you say. That doesn’t help, she just goes to the top of the glass and waits. Even then, she will still get him.

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