LITTLE GREEN FEATHERS Chpt 9 The Combination

As he read more of Emma’s thoughts in her ledger, Crutchfeldt started to feel guilty of invading her privacy but he was still unable to just turn the book over to Edmond. He knew it was wrong, but now there was an inner anger starting to build. Crutchfeldt read how about how Edmond’s father had insisted on living in Davington instead of taking advantage of the wedding present his family gave them.

Crutchfeldt knew Edmond was nothing like his father, it was quite evident. He had to read more of what Emma wrote, something nagged at him. Emma wrote how Charles had came to be the owner of the company that her father had built, how he wanted to change the way of doing business overnight. She thought that was rude and selfish, but it eventually it worked out for Emma and her mother, Charles took real good care of both of them.


Emma wrote in her ledger a lot Crutchfeldt noticed, especially after Charles had passed away. She told about her teaching max to sing and engage in conversations with her, how much fun it was. She wrote about when that old bird was given to her by her grandmother. Emma said Max was raised from an egg, wrote that Elizabeth had named the bird Max, in memory of her an old friend, Maximilian Moppet.

Emma thought it would be different to have a bird, she did like them, a lot. When Max arrived, the bird did not speak much, it would say “hello” but that was it. She paid a lot of attention to Max, and the bird had become quite attached to her. Max was quite smart, it wasn’t long before Emma noticed that the bird had quite a personality. This was a perfect companion for Emma.

The disturbing thing to Crutchfeldt was the part about the property. He remembered overhearing Emma talking to Max one day, saying she should get that deed out and tell Edmond about it, so it could be used as collateral for the loan. She was still upset that her husbands brushed it off, not wanting anything to do with it. Maybe she should keep it hidden and safely tucked away, she would figure out what to do with it someday.

Crutchfeldt knew the situation about loosing the Fitch contract weighed heavily on Edmond’s mind, he saw how it affected him. But if that deed was in Emma’s things, why didn’t he use it as collateral? Crutchfeldt was already part of the family, he was a year older than Edmond, and had been with Emma for two years when Edmond took over the business. He has to help, it is for Emma and family after all.

Crutchfeldt knew about Emma’s bank, he used to drive her there, maybe the deed was still there. But He was told that Emma did not have a safety deposit box at the bank. If no one knew about it, where did Emma put it? The assessors office, maybe they would have record of it, he would go there next. When he asked about any property listed under Emma Dashburry, he was told that there was no property listed for Emma Dashburry.

Things were not making sense, Emma wouldn’t write about something she imagined she had, she wouldn’t do that! Was there another place that maybe Emma could have had put the deed, like the ledger he found in the desk?? Now that was a possibility he thought, and he knew right where he needed to go to find out.

When he got back to the estate, Crutchfeldt went to the storage room just off the garage, he remembered an old safe stored in there that was Emma’s. Only problem, what was the combination, who knew? Suddenly, he remembered the tune that Max would sing when the bird heard the tune “oh what a beautiful morning”. How did it go 2, 6, 29, now 13? He couldn’t remember how it went. He needed to go see if he could get Max to sing that lyric.

Only one thing wrong, Max had been moved because everyone agreed it was the bird that made the great room stink!. They couldn’t have Max in the great room, too many visitors! But now the bird would not talk! Max was pissed. How does Crutchfeldt get him to talk, the bird doesn’t like him, maybe the cook Beulah…


Crutchfeldt might be onto something, then again maybe not. Max does not like him… Delia? Who knows. Please come back again to find out on “what happens at Pops perspective.”

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