When Crutchfeldt shows Delia the safe in the back room, it makes sense to her what he was talking about when he yelled “combination”. She looks at Crutchfeldt and says “what is so important about this safe?” Now Crutchfeldt just stands there, he knows he has to tell her he found the ledger, what will she think of him? He looks at her and says, “in the end table desk Emma left me, I found a small book hidden inside.” He told her he had been reading the entries and he knew it should have been given to Edward but he got to reading and couldn’t put it down. I knew Emma he said, I worked for the family before Edmond came back from college and took over the business after his father died. Edmond told me I was like family.

In that ledger I read about a small piece of property Emma was given as a wedding gift long ago” he said. Crutchfeldt told Delia that if Edmond was in such a pinch for cash, why didn’t he use that deed Emma wrote about as collateral? It should be worth something. How come it never showed up after Emma passed away,where was it?


Delia looked at him and said that the ledger was private property and it should be handed over to Edmond, it was his mothers for goodness sake. He said, “I know and I feel bad about not doing that but I also know that there is no record of any deed that I could find either! What do I do if he finds out his mother had lost it, that would not make things any better. I know he is struggling to keep things going with the company, this would just add to the misery. But if it is true, that there is a deed, and Emma kept it a secret, what would that do to Edmond, would he think that his mother didn’t trust him?”

Delia told Crutchfeldt about the letter mix up that she did. How it gave her nightmares for weeks, but in the end, Edmond forgave her for the honest mistake, he was not vengeful. She said if he wanted she would go with him to see Edmond and offer to explain how the ledger was found and that Crutchfeldt had innocently read about some of the entries. How he got curious about a deed that was missing and that he finally figured out that it might be inside and old safe that was stuck in storage that was forgotten. She said Edmond would be forgiving and would understand why Crutchfeldt was trying to help out with the behind the scene investigation of his own. After carefully considering what Delia told him, he decided to go ahead with going to see Edmond and give him the ledger.


Edmond was surprised when they told him about the ledger and even more shocked to hear how Crutchfeldt figured out the combination. There was nothing to be upset about or to forgive Edmond said, “Crutchfeldt, you are family, you always have been. Lets go look at that old safe, now I am curious, too”.

When they opened the safe, they found a small folder inside with some pictures of family. They were of his mother’s grandmother and his grandfather when he was much younger. And in another pocket of the folder was an envelop, inside that was the deed that Emma wrote about. Looking it over, Edmond understood why there was no record of it at the assessors office, the name on the deed was Marimont, not Dashburry. Edmond knew who Pennington Marimont was, but how did his deed end up with his mother? In another surprise, Delia found another envelop, stuck in the very back of the safe, this one was the original Marimont will. When she read the contents of the will, it suddenly became clear why the deed said Marimont instead of Dashburry. Obviously it had never been changed when Pennington willed it to Emma’s grandfather. The will it showed that the land belonged to his mother’s father, this was proof of ownership. “So where is this property located anyway, anyone know?” Edmond asks. “Lets start with the assessors office.” said Crutchfeldt, “I think now we can find out if there is a registered deed in the name of Pennington Marimont!” At the assessors office, they found that the deed had been ruled abandoned and the new owner was registered as Beckweldt Enterprises. The sales agent was the Davington National bank, and the name of the sales agent was Hershel Agsworth. Beckweldt was their biggest competitor and Agsworth was Edmond’s loan officer.

marsh-truck  marsh-honey-swamp

With Delia’s help, Crutchfeldt finally tells Edmond about the ledger. And what about that deed, is it a swamp? Please stop on by to find out more on “what happens at Pops perspective.”

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