LITTLE GREEN FEATHERS Chpt 12 It All Comes Tumbling Down

Edmond now knew about Emma’s secret deed she said she had in her old safe thanks to Crutchfeldt’s curiosity and Delia’s instance. Finding out about the deed was a big surprise and it made him wonder why Emma never told him she had it. Crutchfeldt was right, he needed to go to the assessors office to find out more about it.

One of the assistants at the office called to tell Edmond about a rumor she heard concerning the Air Force contract, she said it was going to be awarded to Beckweldt Enterprises. That sort of news was very unsettling for Edmond, he knew that would put him at a real disadvantage in the business world.


Instead of going to the assessors office to look into the matter of the deed his mother had, he decided to go to the bank and see what the bank had decided on his loan modification application. The bank loan officer was none other than Hershel Agsworth, Emma’s nosy neighbor. When Edmond met with him he told Edmond that the bank would require a corporate restructuring or a larger share of the company before they would approve the loan modification. What Edmond did not know was that Hershel also had inside information about the Air Force considering awarding the contract to Beckweldt. He knew that unless there was another form of collateral to support the large loan modification proposal, it would be too big of a risk for the bank. Why would he want to try to get the bank to approve the loan modification for the Dashburry’s company anyway?

Setting in his office, Edmond went over ideas on how he could manage to patch together enough equipment to hold things together for at least a little longer, at least until he could investigate this mysterious deed his mother had hidden in the safe. Where was this property anyway? Was it a useless piece of property in a swamp that no one wanted or needed?

He needed to know and right now. Crutchfeldt and Edmond went to the assessors office and asked if there were any deeds listed under the name of Marimont. The clerk came back with one old deed recorded under that name, but it was determined to be abandoned since it was over 125 years old and no one claimed it. The parcel mentioned on the old deed was now owned by the Beckweldt company.

They had bought it from the bank after the bank filed an abandoned property claim on the property.


Edmond showed the clerk the original deed and the will Pennington Marimont made out showing that the transfer of property went to his grandfather Charles Dashburry. He told the clerk he was going to get to the bottom of this and that he would return. The next stop was to the company lawyers for Dashburry where he instructed them to file a law suit against the Davington National bank concerning his grandfathers property.

After leaving the law office, Edmond got into the car, they were going to find out where this piece of property was located. The assessors office had given them the address recorded in the legal description, it was only a little way out of town. When they arrived at the address, they saw the tower and the sign on the fence that said no trespassing, private property, by order of the Beckweldt enterprise company.


Within a week, the judge had ruled that the deed indeed did belong to Emma’s grandfather, and that not getting the name changed did not give the legal liability to the bank or allow them to file an abandonment claim. The next morning, Edmond drove to Beckweldt enterprise’s main office. He wanted to speak to the company president, one Bernard Shackleton. When he sat down with Mr. Shackleton, Edmond told him that there was a problem and that he needed it fixed immediately. He explained how he had found out that the bank sold Beckweldt a piece of land they didn’t have the right to sell, turns out Dashburry owns the property. And the building located there? Well it would have to be taken down or moved to another location. Bernard knew that the company owned the building and the equipment inside but it would be useless without the property. That wasn’t the only problem Bernard had, the board of directors were notified of the law suit Edmond’s lawyers had filed. The board was going to dismiss him as president of Beckweldt Enterprise.


If you thought Hershel the loan manager was bad, Bernard is worse as you’ve now seen. Think this is the last of it? Please come on back and find out more on “what happens at Pops perspective.”

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