Pop’s Odd perspective The Strange, The Unusual and The Odd. #1

Lets make this easy for you, I have a vivid imagination so what you are about to read here was hatched inside the creative side of my demented little mind. Some might suggest that I check into the nearest ha-ha motel or maybe even the Skull Ranch. I don’t want to waste my time with that, because I have already thought of it.


For something really odd and definitely strange, here is one that definitely fits. Cave golfing. Challenging, frustrating, and maybe a bit dangerous but someone would do it just to see what happens. No more hitting from the rough, it’s now all rough. Fluorescent golf balls and a flash light, I wouldn’t suggest a driver, or woods only in the bigger caves, definitely have fun with a putter though. Think about it, extreme cave golfing could be the next big thing!

Yes, there really is Cave (Disc) Golf! You thought I was kidding!


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