The Entity

The Unimaginable – Part 1

For the lack of something better, lets just call this “Entity pulse”… the beginning.

All of this started with an idea formulated in the imaginative mind of Alexandria Peck, an M.I.T. Graduate student in microbiology. She was known early in her career as Madam Creative because of her unique ability to mix reality with fantasy. The one thing she did that caused her class mates to give her that title was when she decided to try to make frozen bubbles. She succeeded and kept them stored in a secured lab container at a minus 56 degrees.

Her ability to design a crucial atmospheric environment using frozen nitrogen and common liquid soap in making the bubble freeze in less than 2.1 seconds. That was quite an accomplishment all by itself. But those bubbles would shatter like fine crystal when dropped on a solid surface and would break suddenly when exposed to room temperature for more than 15 seconds. That one experiment was what sparked the desire to creatively think about the possibility of other strange combinations.

When the computer age came to light, her thoughts focused on how maybe the new Silicone technology might be used to help with traumatic brain injury. Nanobot technology was already in development and cloning was also in the experimental stages so the combination for both was there. It was curious that no one had tried to put the two together. She studied as much of the Nanobot technology that was available and then directed her attention toward the technology of cloning. She knew there had to be a way to combine the two. She went to work on her theoretical idea of how it could be both feasible and practical. Combining Nanobot technology and cloning sounded easy, but to make it work took a lot of analysis and experimenting. When she was satisfied with the preliminary results of this new innovative idea, she decided to propose the idea to another biomedical engineer with it, someone who knew her from her days at M.I.T.

She contacted Eddie Mayhem and asked him to meet with her in the cafeteria. She sat down with him and told him she had another frozen bubble idea and would like for him to join her in doing an experiment to see if it would work. She knew she could trust Eddie not to reveal her idea until they could prove that the idea could possibly work. Alexandria explained the thought of taking a living cloned human brain cell and combining it with the Nanobot technology combining both into a new living and programmable bio cell structure. Her idea was to grow a Nanobot brain cell and to be able to program the brain cell and make it function like a living computer chip. These specialized cells could then be injected into the areas of a damaged brain and be programmed to replace the function of the damaged ones. This new Nanobot/brain cell technology would function at the same wave frequency as any brain and would draw power from the electrical impulses of the human being’s own electrical system. These new bio-nanite cells could be made from the cloned brain cells of the injured brain and would link with the natural neurological pathways in the damaged organ to function like the existing brain cells without being rejected.

It was months before they were finally able to inject the Nanotechnology into the cloned cell structures. A lot of experimenting and adjustments to the combination of the two finally became a reality and with some slight frequency adjustments in the initial stages of development, and then the two different ideas finally began growing. Alexandria and Eddie had finally managed to grow bio-nanite cells that were responding to electrical impulses generated by an outside computer wave frequency. More experiments and adjustments to the frequency allowed the cells to react as a normal brain cell would, theoretically. The hard part now was to be able to communicate back and forth with the new development they had named Learner 01.

It was during a phase adjustment trial experiments that there was a power surge that changed the frequency being applied to the bio-nanite cell structure. The only reaction noticed by Eddie was that the structure slightly convulsed and then relaxed. He never did realize that this freak electric surge had caused an electromagnetic chain reaction within the bio-nanite cell structures. There was now an independent electrical pulse now existing but at such a low frequency, it went unnoticed.


This tiny electromagnetic pulse was created by fundamental interaction of the atoms and electrons of the two different technologies. This new activity was now a separate function from the bio-nanite cells and it could move about easily among the Learner 01 cell structure.

Eddie and Alexandria had been developing an experimental technical bio-nanite program to Learner 01 for basic sense awareness. Within a few hours, this entity pulse had grown stronger and had started to gather bits and pieces of data from the other bio-nanite cells it was surrounded by.

Alexandria’s drive was to be able to transfer the ability of learning to these new bio-nanite cells within Learner 01. The initial responses from Learner 01 did look promising because there had been an indication these cells could respond to light and sound. To Eddie and Alex, this was exciting turn of events, and a positive reaction. All the while, the entity pulse had also learned how to become aware of outside stimulation. The entity pulse now had a frequency all of its own, but it was still too small to be detected by any equipment in the lab. But the entity pulse was gradually increasing in signal strength and knowledge.

It was during a program transaction to the cells of Learner 01 that the entity pulse switched across to the Silicon world of the computer. The entity pulse was suddenly exposed to several different variations in the operating frequency and had to adjust slightly to be able to continue to function. Fortunately the change over was an easy adaptation for the entity pulse. The new frequency gave it a huge increase in signal strength. Now there were no restrictions for the entity pulse. The pulse also accumulated more information and learned about organization and structure from the computer program. The entity pulse was quite strong now, and was able to move around on the circuit board to the hard drive where it stayed for a month learning and storing more technical medical data.

It was while Alexandria was downloading new data to the bio-nanite cell structures that the entity sensed the presence of a nearby different electrical activity. She was listening to a portable CD player and the music came through the ear buds that were in her ears. The entity pulse switched over onto her hand and followed the nerve circuits to the audio sensors and directly into her subconscious mind.

With the necessary frequency adjustments made, the entity pulse found the neurological pathways to the pleasure sense area of Alexandria’s subconscious mind.

From there the entity pulse learned more about other human senses such as sight, smell, taste and fear. The entity’s basic cognitive processes were becoming a lot faster and was growing more with each second. The sense of desire had been encountered, something the entity easily understood. While mingling with Alexandria’s mind, the entity pulse learned about other significant ethnic characteristics like desire and responsibility. The entity was not only gaining in strength and wisdom, it was developing a personality.

Within a few days the entity and Alexandria’s mind were synchronized together and working as one. The entity had grown in size and now caused a small tingling at the base of her skull. Fortunately it was almost undetectable.

What was noticeable to her was that she was able to process information faster and reach conclusions quicker which she was passing off as growing experiences. She never gave it a thought of a possible outside influence or that slight tingle at the base of her skull. The entity pulse was now stronger and was able to detect other brain activities so long as they were relatively close. If Alexandria was to be hooked up to an electroencephalogram now, a strange wave length would definitely be discovered. Eddie and Alexandria were talking about program results of Learner 01 when the entity sensed his brain waves. The entity jumped from Alexandria’s hand to Eddie with a gentle touch. He jumped and said to her “you shocked me!”

She just smiled and said “I’m sorry.” She was too excited with what they were now calling the bio-anionic cell project to worry about a little shock. Neither her or Eddie had expected the test results on Learner 01 to show so much potential. Their experiment was gaining ground quickly now and she turned to him to ask him a question. “What do you think of injecting a small amount of the bio-nanite into a living brain?” Eddie’s reaction to the question surprised himself, he said to her “like making a Frankenstein monster?” Now it was her turn to look surprised, she just stared at him for a moment and then said “no, I want to try to see if it can be done safely.”


She said “We could clone rat brain cells and introduce our experiment into them, and then inject them into a living rat to see if we could make the rat smarter.” He knew this would be a big leap but he thought it might be time to see if this concept would be worth the effort. Even though animal testing is so controversial, it must be done. They have already came a long way. He thought the tingle at the base of his skull was just anticipation and excitement, he didn’t give it any more thought. The entity was rummaging around in Eddie’s subconscious mind and learning about a new sensation it had encountered, humor. This was something new and now the entity was learning about fun and associated it with pleasure. The entity pulse had discovered another strong sense within Eddie’s subconscious mind, this one was a sense of revenge. The entity pulse had encountered anger before and the encounter with revenge was easy to analyze, but this sense of revenge was strong in Eddie.

Apparently as a youngster Eddie was bullied and easily intimidated, but now that he had gained more life experience he had learned how to avenge effectively. This was quite different than what was discovered in Alexandria’s mind, where the entity pulse encountered a softer side, one of compassion and initiative.

What made Eddie such a great lab assistant was that he was meticulous and organized. These qualities the entity had encountered within Alexandria’s mind too, but not as strong as it was in Eddie. The entity pulse was now fully associated with Eddie’s mind and like Alexandria, it sharpened his thoughts. A slight difference started to show, very subtle at first, and unless you worked with Eddie 24 hours a day, you wouldn’t notice. He too was able to see things easily and could relate to the program of Learner 01 now, it was experience he said to himself. What it was is that the entity had rewired his neurological pathways slightly, and enhanced his other thought processes. A slight adjustment but for the better.

As a joke, Eddie asked Alexandria if the injection of bio-nanite cells would give the rat the able ability to talk eventually. Alex did give it serious thought and quietly replied “I would hope not!” The thought was there, though, running around in her mind. Would it be possible for the rat to talk if the brain was able to form words? If the rat became so smart, could it devise a way to escape? She made a note to herself that the experiment must be severely controlled and monitored closely. She thought maybe they should use some other test subject that was not as intelligent as the rat, but what, maybe a bird? A talking bird like a parrot or a Myna bird. That couldn’t be as dangerous as a rat. This was something she needed to discuss with Eddie. The decision to use a test subject to experiment with the new bio-nanite cells was of only slight interest to the entity pulse, it was still focused on learning about human nature.


Eddie and Alexandria both decided that to use a Myna bird, would be the easiest way to see if the process worked, and the least dangerous. If it worked, they would be able to pass it off that the bird was real smart. A few weeks later, the newly cloned Myna brain cells were ready to be injected into the bird. After a 24 hour recovery period, the bird was brought back to the lab and the cage was placed on a table in the lab. Eddie knew the bird could talk a little, because the birds favorite phrase was “the cats out.”

For the first few days, the bird said absolutely nothing, it just sat on the perch, watching. Alexandria would occasionally ask the question “pretty boy?” to see if there would be some response. All the bird did was blink and look at her. One afternoon when Eddie was alone in the lab he dropped a pen on the floor and said “damn it, stupid pen.” To his surprise, he heard this little voice say “you stupid.” Slowly he stood up and looked around to see who was there, and noticed there was no one but him and the bird.

He walked over near the cage and said “did you say Eddie was stupid?” the bird just looked at him and blinked. He asked the question again and this time the bird said “Eddie stupid.” He thought someone had been teaching the bird to say Eddie stupid and turned away from the cage. He mumbled the comment “stupid damned bird.” It was only a few minutes later when he heard “bird not stupid.” Now he was shocked! The bird did talk, that part was easy to understand, but to make a sentence all by itself was amazing. He had to go get Alexandria and quickly, she had gone to the cafeteria for coffee.

When he came back with her, he walked over to the cage and said “bad bird” The bird just sat there, not saying anything. Alexandria looked at it and said “pretty boy.” still nothing. They both waked away and were quietly talking in the corner when the bird spoke up and said “pretty lady.” A big grin broke out on Eddie’s face as he looked at Alexandria, “See? I told you!”

She looked at Eddie and then the bird. Alexandria told Eddie that she knew the bird could talk, but for it to form sentences now that was extremely phenomenal. They just stood there watching each other, Eddie, the bird and Alexandria, no one saying anything.

They were so shocked to hear the bird speak and respond to questions that they forgot all about the time. It was almost 10 o’clock and Jim the security guard would be coming by. Eddie stepped out in the hall and saw him coming toward the lab. He waved to him and said that that both he and Alexandria were still in and they would be leaving very soon. Jim said he would check back to make sure everything was secure a bit later on then.

Eddie and Alexandria decided that it was time to go home and relax a bit, with all the excitement, they needed to settle their minds. She went over to the cage and spoke to the bird again, she said “we are leaving now, but we will be back in the morning to see you. Have a good night bird.” The bird just sat there, waiting. Then it fluffed up its feathers and cocked its head to one side, spoke out and said “in the morning.”


She was so engrossed in the response she didn’t notice Eddie taking a picture of the two of them. The click of the camera scared her and she whirled around and said “what are you doing?” He sheepishly looked at her and said “I’m savoring the moment for posterity.” She said it wasn’t a good idea in her opinion, they were supposed to be keeping things quiet. “If word got out, there would be a lot of trouble, more than I want or you need.” Now she was angry and he knew it. Just like when he had leaked the story of her keeping frozen bubbles alive in the lab room. That caused quite a ruckus at the campus years ago. He walked over to the cage and told the bird, “you were right, stupid Eddie” The bird just looked at him and said nothing. Alexandria went out the door, Eddie followed her then turned off the lights and closed the door. In the dark the bird said “pretty Alexandria”

Eddie took out the camera as he was walking and decided to delete the picture he took of Alexandria so there would be no mistakes later on. This was a momentous occasion for both of them and he was not about to ruin it. He was thinking about how they could accelerate the test to try it out on a human being. After that, they both would be famous and very important. He would be very important, quite prestigious and rich. Now the entity felt the rise of the sense of envy, it too was like the sense of revenge, real strong. The time the entity pulse spent inside Eddies brain had given it a wide exposure to the different senses of the human nature, fortunately it was not exposed to the sense of evil or violence.

The entity was still aligning the changes to Eddie’s internal thought processes and learning about the little differences between him and Alexandria. The sense of desire was the first sense the entity pulse encountered and now there was a desire to learn more about human nature. The entity pulse had made changes in Eddie’s neurological pathways and slightly modified his physiological attitude. He would now focus more on being a responsible influence on people he reacted with. A slight change for the good in Eddie.

Eddie was riding the bus home when he encountered a young teen about 16 years old setting next to him. The entity pulse sensed the new sensation next to Eddie and proceeded to move. In Eddie’s new state of mind he held out his hand to the young teen and introduced himself. He said “hello, my name is Eddie Mayhem, do I know you?” Eddie knew he didn’t know the teen, but it was a way to start the conversation. The teen replied “I don’t talk to strangers.” Eddie smiled and said,”hello, my name is Eddie, now I am no stranger to you. Would you like a friend?” Then he looked at Eddie’s smiling face and reached out to shake Eddies hand and received a slight shock. He jumped a little and Eddie said, “If I shocked you I’m sorry, it’s my magnetic personality, don’t be afraid.” Then the kid said “my name is Alvin Schwartz and life sucks.” Now Eddie was curious, what could be so bad he asked. Alvin said his mom was working two jobs and they just barely making it. He had taken a part time job at the market on the corner stocking shelves to help out. He said he wasn’t too smart and had a difficulty with reading which made it hard for him to move the freight.


I have always been having trouble reading, ever since I came down with the measles when I was 9, I was sick for a long time and when I got over them my mind was a little slower. I probably will wind up being a garbage man working in trash since I am so stupid. Eddie looked at him and said “I work in a science lab, and as a kid I was always getting beat up by the other bigger kids. But I got older and I learned how to make them look foolish.” Alvin said he didn’t get beat up, he was just lousy at reading but was a real hard worker if someone would give him the chance.

The entity pulse had encountered its first experience with the sense of sadness within Alvin, it was a new sensation. It would take time for the entity to learn just what sadness was. This was a strong feeling, and clouded most of the other senses especially the pleasure sense. The bus came to a stop and Eddie got up to get off, he said to Alvin “if you would like, I could help you on weekends to try to teach you more about reading. All I would need is your address and a bit of your time.” Alvin thought about it for a moment and then said “why?” Eddie smiled and looked at him then said “that’s what friends do for friends.” Alvin said he lived on the next block, at 1176 East Juniper, apartment 203 C. His mother’s name was Alicia. Eddie said to him “how does 10:30 this Saturday at your place sound?” Alvin grinned and said “sure, why not?” As the bus drove off, Eddie’s thoughts went back to when he was a kid, he could read, he just wasn’t mean like the Roister brothers.

Alvin noticed a slight tingle at the back of his skull, he figured he might be coming down with something. That would be his luck he thought, always bad luck for him. He walked into the house and sat down to rest. It had been a lot of trouble today because it was a big freight day. A whole lot of boxes and a whole new mess to deal with. If only he could read better, he would be faster and would have more time to learn about the grocery business, or business in general. Sadly he admitted to himself it was only a wish and mom would be home soon, he had better get dinner started for her. The entity pulse was still getting adjusted to Alex’s mind and needed just a little more time to determine the need and just exactly where to start with the necessary neurological adjustments.

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