Since all of the attention about the deed Emma kept and the lawsuit against the Beckweldt company was now before the judge, it was now time to relax a little and enjoy the last of the holiday season. But no one knew that Beulah had a surprise of her own to announce, it was about Max.

She waited until dinner was over and coffee was being served that she asked if she could say something. Edmond said this was as good a time as any with everyone gathered in one place. “Go ahead Beulah, whats on your mind”?

She went over to where max’s cage was, pointed to the bird and said “I know a secret about this bird, it is a rare one” She said Emma had told her about Max a few years ago and thought Edmond knew as well. But since everyone seemed to treat it like an ordinary bird, maybe no one really did know it was so valuable. And, she added, there is another surprise, “Max is not a he, Max should be Maxine”. Everyone at the table was quite shocked by that piece of news. Especially Edmond, he didn’t know his mother had this rare parrot, one that could have died.

How did my mother come by this bird Edmond said? Beulah told everyone Emma told her Max was raised from an egg, by her grandmother who used to have a pair of rare Macaws. Those two were almost 79 years old, before they got let out.


She figured Max was about 19 years old, maybe 20, she really didn’t know exactly how long Emma had Max. Emma’s grandmother had raised Max’s mother. She once told Emma about how it was the only egg that was laid by the pair she once had long ago. She knew another acquaintance of Emma’s grandfather who also had a rare bird like Max. He didn’t have time for the bird so he decided to give it to Emma’s grandmother. The two birds lived together with her grandmother until Someone opened the cage on day. They flew off together and unfortunately left a single egg behind. Her grandmother hatched the egg and hand fed the chick hoping someday to find another parrot like it. She had named the bird Max, in memory of a dear friend of hers, Mr. Maximilian Boggs. Emma knew her grandmother had parrots once but she never knew about Max until she was older.

Crutchfeldt was setting there watching Max the whole time, seeming to study the bird. “If this is such a rare bird, just how many of them are there in the world”? Beulah looked over to him and said someone once told Emma that there were only 6 others like Max that existed. That, was years ago. I have a friend in the Audubon Society, there might be a way to find out from him.

The green crested golden eyed Macaw was quite rare as he found out, there were only 5 known parrots known to exist and one was on loan to a zoo as an exhibition. She said she would go see the curator to find out more about the owner. The owner’s name was Mrs. Blythe Stoneworth of Sweden, the birds name was Prince Thomas, named after her great grandfather Saxby Thomas II.

With a little coaxing, the curator and Beulah were able to have Prince Thomas live with them to see if the two Macaws would have young. Max was now quite a celebrity, and had was in the Audubon Society monthly magazine. This was a rare find and quite exceptional.

They put Prince Thomas in a separate cage next to Max to see how they would get along, or even if they would. Prince Thomas immediately started to make noises and bob his head toward Max, he liked what he saw! They were beak to beak between the cages within a day and cuddling like newly weds almost immediately after being put in the same cage. Mrs. Stoneworth told Crutchfeldt that maybe they should put nesting material in the cage just in case Max had the urge to nest.


A month later, Max was starting to build some kind of nest, or so Beulah thought. It was Delia who fed the pair daily and of course the one to update everyone about the two love birds. A month and a half and nothing, just a hollow little bowl like nest that Max spent most of the time setting in.

Then one day, there it was! A new egg. Now the excitement could begin. It was Beulah on the third day that found the second egg. Prince Thomas was going to be a father, this was good news for the curator at the zoo, because it was time for him to go back home.

So Max is really a Maxine and now she has laid two eggs! Beulah can’t wait to see what hatches, two more rare birds! Please check in again to find out more on “what happens at Pops perspective.”

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