The Entity (Part 2)

The next morning when Alexandria entered the lab, she immediately went over to the cage to speak to the Myna bird. He was setting on the perch, watching her. She leaned over next to the cage and said “hello pretty boy.” The bird just blinked and then said as he crooked his head to the side “hello.” She got to thinking that the experiment was quite a success and started to think about what to do with it. They had not considered the next step with the bird, now was the time to write some notes on how they should proceed. Another thought came to mind as well, when would they announce the experiment? If the word got out that they had developed a new bio-nanite technology, the regulators would be all over them with restrictions and the news would spread rapidly. Things would be accelerated beyond expectation and they would be put in the spotlight instantly.


She knew Eddie would jump at the chance, she had a hard time keeping him contained as it was. The next logical step she thought was to find a damaged specimen and see if their new technology could make improvements, but what would that be? What she didn’t know was that the security guard had opened the lab door last night when he heard voices from the inside. When he turned on the light, the bird said “intruder!” And after a careful check of the entire room, Jim walked over and said to the bird “pretty boy?” Of course the bird just sat there and looked back at him without saying anything further. Jim closed the door after turning off the light, thinking it was the bird talking not someone still in the lab.

Eddie came in and went over to the cage and said to the bird “Eddie is here” expecting the bird to say something which it did not. He looked over at Alexandria and shrugged his shoulders, then walked away. She started to tell him that she was thinking about how to proceed on to the next step when the bird spoke up and said “Alexandria pretty lady.” They just looked at each other and then at the bird. It was Alexandria who said “thank you bird.”


She turned her attention to Eddie and said “I have also gave some thought of moving the experiment forward to a test subject that has a small brain injury, but I don’t know what to use.” Eddie knew the rat idea was out, that would be a dangerous road to travel. Maybe something that couldn’t cause problems if the technology made improvements for the subject. He turned to Alexandria and said “I don’t know what to use, but if we have as much success with the next subject as we did with the bird, we might want to consider making an announcement soon.” He said it could happen all by itself unless we do it first. “The bird could blab to anyone who happened by and then it would be out of our control.”

It would be logical to deliberately damage the brain of our subject, and then inject the bio-nanite into the brain to see if the damage could be reversed. Eddie gave it some thought and said “that would be a cruel thing to do but logically the only way to be sure. He looked at her and said “we cannot use a rat.” She looked back at him and said “I know, that would be a real bad idea, but do you have any ideas on what we could use?”

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One thought on “The Entity (Part 2)

  1. Maybe rather than doing the ‘damage’ and then giving the hope for fix [bio-nanite] why not choose a subject with so sort of disability that could be monitored.


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