The Entity (Part 3)

Alexandria had been there for a few minutes when Eddie came in. He went over to the cage and said to the bird “Eddie is here” expecting the bird to say something which the bird did not. He looked over at Alexandria and shrugged his shoulders, then walked away. She started to tell him that she was thinking about how to proceed on to the next step when the bird spoke up and said “Alexandria pretty lady.” They just looked at each other and then at the bird. It was Alexandria who said “thank you pretty boy.”

Then she turned her attention back to Eddie “I have given some thought to the idea of moving the experiment forward to a test subject that has a small brain injury, but I don’t know what to use.” Eddie knew the rat idea was out, he knew that would be a dangerous road to travel. Maybe something that couldn’t cause problems if the technology made drastic improvements for the subject. He turned to Alexandria and said “I don’t know what to use either, but if we have as much success with the next subject as we did with the bird, we might want to consider making an announcement soon.” He said it could happen all by itself unless we do it first. “This bird could blab to anyone who happened by and then it would be out of our control.”


It would be logical to deliberately damage the brain of our subject, and then inject the bio-nanites into the brain to see if the damage could be reversed. Eddie gave it some thought and said “but that would be a cruel thing to do but logically, the only way to be sure.” He looked at her and said “we cannot use a rat.” She looked back at him and said “I know, that would be a real bad idea, but do you have any suggestions on what we could use?”

As if someone was listening, the phone rang. It was from Bruce, a monkey attendant for the local zoo. He told Eddie that if the lab could use a test subject for experimentation purposes, he had one he could provide. Eddie said “tell me more about what it is that you are getting at.” Bruce told him that one of the small monkeys had suffered traumatic head injury during a fight with a female in the enclosure. The little Capuchin had fallen from high in the tree hitting his head on the branches on the way down. Now when he was released from his cage, he would run to a corner in the outside enclosure and start biting his arms and legs, yanking hand-fulls of hair off of his chest and screeching. This happened a couple of weeks ago and now he was scheduled to be put to sleep because of his tantrums. They would have to put a blanket over him after putting him back into the cage until he settled down again. Any time they let him out of the cage, the results were the same. Eddie told Bruce he wanted to talk to Alexandria first, but he would get back to him soon.

Eddie told Alexandria what Bruce told him about the Capuchin monkey, and said it would be a good test of the technology to see if it indeed was the success they hoped for after all. She said there would be nothing lost anyway if it didn’t work. Eddie called Bruce and said he would take the monkey, get him ready and I will pick him up this morning.


Eddie brought the monkey back to the lab and had Jim the security guard help him with the heavy cage. Jim asked what it was with the monkey, after seeing him briefly under the blanket the cage was covered with. Eddie told him the monkey was sick and they were going to try to make him better. After Jim left, Eddie uncovered the cage and they both took a look at the Capuchin monkey. He was crowded into the corner of the cage and looked very scared. Alexandria said to Eddie, “we need to try to calm him down a little before we do anything.” The monkey would have nothing to do with being calmed, he went wild inside the cage and calmed down only when the blanket was put back on the cage.

Eddie said “we should sedate him and then take a sample of his brain cells, then we can clone them and make some bio-nanites to inject into the brain.” I think that would be the simplest method. Alexandria agreed, and they proceeded. It was a week later when the first injection took place, the bio-nanites were injected into the Capuchin they had named Chester, because of his bare chest. Then they covered the cage and waited for the anesthesia to wear off. When Chester came around, he freaked out and went to the corner of his cage again. Eddie covered the cage and said to Alexandria that they should wait until later to see how Chester was doing.


Several hours later, they uncovered him and watched as he sat in the middle of the cage. He seemed calmer, and did not start running around screeching. He just sat there watching both of them. She said “lets put some food in the cage to see if he will eat.” Eddie poured a small amount of nuts and bits of fruit in a corner of the cage. Chester just sat there watching him, making no moves. After about five long minutes, he went over to the fruit and nuts and ate a piece of apple, while studying both of them. Chester didn’t say anything, he just sat there watching and eating. Alexandria looked at Eddie “well that’s encouraging, at least he isn’t throwing a fit anymore.”

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