The Entity (Part 4)

Now that the entity had time to explore more of Alvin’s thoughts, the sense of sadness was well understood. As the entity continued to investigate more of Alvin’s mind it encountered the weak neuron links that were causing a lot of the miscommunication and the confusion. The analytical sense was there but it couldn’t function along the neuron nerve links like normal because there was a lot of splotched cells in the area.

The entity had finally determined what was necessary to correct the minor defects and started to boost cell regeneration and the critical neurological nerve connections. It was going to take some time, since there was so much widespread damage. The next step was the retrieval of a critical senses like determination and drive, those needed to be enforced and energized. This would make Alex’s mind more receptacle to Eddie’s attempt to help him learn to read better.

Alvin didn’t notice the changes that were taking effect, but that tingle, which he now had become used to, was still there. He had the feeling of excitement and wondered if Eddie really could make a difference. If he could learn to read better, he presumed his confidence would grow and so would his pride in himself. Suddenly he was looking forward to this new opportunity, he couldn’t wait.


Then there was a knock at the door, and when he went to see who it was, there stood Eddie. Alvin grinned and said “good morning professor, are you ready for class?” Eddie laughed and replied “let the lessons begin.” It took most of the morning to determine Alvin’s reading ability. He was struggling at the third grade level. This would take some time Eddie thought, but he knew he had the ability to fulfill his promise to Alvin. It didn’t take too long to get Alvin reading at the sixth grade level, that came after just two weeks, both Eddie and Alvin were thrilled. Alvin’s mother was totally impressed with their progress and so proud of Alvin and his new desire to learn. Within a month, Alvin’s ability to read had increased threefold, he was now reading at the high school level.

The best part for Alvin came when the manager came to him and asked if he would like to take charge of the back room, organizing the stock and eventually take charge of ordering. He had noticed that Alvin’s skills in the back room had doubled. He was a whiz at stocking the shelves and had made a new style of freight cart to haul the boxes around, cutting trip time to the back room in half. Alvin was on cloud nine, he was really making progress, and he had never seen his mother so happy. The new connections in his mind were much stronger now, and his sadness troubles had taken a back seat in his mind.


Now that Alvin had made such a dramatic change, Eddie thought he should focus on the project more and Chester had changed totally. He was now a more friendly monkey and would readily accept fruit pieces from Eddie’s hand daily. He would even climb up on his shoulder and set there quietly. Alexandria was really impressed with his condition and his state of mind. She said to Eddie “do you think it would be good to reintroduce him back to the zoo to see if he gets along with the other Capuchin monkeys?” Eddie said “I will contact Bruce to see if we can do that experiment.” When he called, Bruce was surprised, he said “if you think he will behave, bring him back and we will set him in a cage next to the other monkeys to see how he reacts.” Eddie said he was going to bring his lab partner with him to observe the reaction too. Bruce said that would be fine. When Eddie came in, they were holding Chester in a small pet carrier, much smaller than the big cage he left in. Eddie said he had the other cage, outside all folded up. Bruce was cautious, “you got him into that small box?” Eddie said “sure, he went right in.” While Chester was being transferred to another larger cage, he introduced Alexandria to Bruce. Eddie said she was the brains behind Chester’s recovery.


They carried the big cage into the enclosure and watched as the other monkeys slowly gathered around. They all reached carefully into the cage trying to touch Chester, but he simply sat in the middle of his cage watching them all. Bruce said “well I”ll be damned, would you look at that.” Alexandria said “is there something wrong or is that a good sign?” Bruce turned to her and said, “they are treating him like he was a long lost relative, I think he is going to do just fine with them.” Eddie spoke up and said “should we expose him to the female he got in a fight with to see how she reacts to him?” Bruce said “see the one on the top of the cage, that’s the one.” Bruce said, “ I think we could safely let him out of the cage, he isn’t throwing a fit and they are all calm.”

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