Pop’s Odd Perspective #4

The Strange, The Unusual and The Odd

page 4

I have another odd and strange thought for you today.  Some just take the world for granted and do not pay attention:

I was thinking about some things we have around here that we really do not need. I mean why do we even have them? These things are irritating, a nuisance and of absolutely no use to us humans at all plus they do not preform any useful purposes. I am referring to ants, insects such as flies, mosquitoes and weeds. Take them off the planet. Keep the bees, those we can use, and more of them. What? No insects you say and bats starve? Well then, we don’t need them either.

Dandelions NO!

Bees YES

One thought on “Pop’s Odd Perspective #4

  1. You’re on the right track, David. Now expand a little bit. Lots of things are downright dangerous to one’s health, but that doesn’t stop some people. I will take insects and dandelions any day if people’s need for illegal drugs & now, thanks to our liberal goonies, marijuana would stop.


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