The Entity (Part 5)


Bruce went into the enclosure and opened the door on Chester’s cage to let him out. The other monkeys had scattered when he came in and some were on branches above. Chester just walked out of the cage he was in and sat there on the ground for a few minutes. It was maybe a full five minutes before one of the other monkeys came up to him carefully and started grooming him. Chester sat there patiently and soon there were several others that joined in. As they watched the monkeys, a perplexed look overcame Alexandria’s face. She turned to Eddie and whispered into his ear “we need to take Chester back to the lab, now!” Eddie looked shocked and said to her quietly “why, the monkey seems peaceful?” Alexandria said “I will explain it to you later, let’s do this now.” Eddie told Bruce that he wanted to take Chester back to the lab, he said there were a few other tests they needed to complete.

Bruce went into the enclosure and placed the small cage in front of Chester. At first, he did nothing, then as if on cue, he went into the carrier.

As Eddie was driving back to the lab he asked Alexandria what it was that she was going to explain. She said “it was not a good idea to return the monkey back to the zoo, now Bruce knows about our experiment.” It took Eddie a moment before he saw what she was saying, and that same perplexed look came across his face too. Then he said, “that means Jim would know a bit about it too.” Alexandria sat there as they drove down the road thinking about what they should do next. It was Eddie who said it “we need to notify the supervisor about this today, we have to let her know what we got.” Alexandria looked at him with a frown, “yeah, I know it, that means big changes and quick.”

When they got back to the lab, they called Lydia Grant, the lab supervisor.


It took about a half an hour of careful explanation to her what they had discovered and the steps they had taken. They also told her about the suspicion of too many folks already being aware, which could be a problem. Lydia got a serious look on her face, she suddenly realized what Alexandria and Eddie already knew, this was a major breakthrough. She jumped up and said, “we have to document everything, make a copy of all the data, put it on a flash drive and give it to me. This has to be secured, at a high level of security.” Eddie and Alexandria went into a frenzy loading data and results in the computer hard drive, and storing it on the flash drive for Lydia. Then suddenly, he stood up and turned to Alexandria, “we need to make two copies of all of this data and keep it a secret from Lydia.” Something as important as this has got to be protected he said. “It could become so huge we could wind up on the outside and some other bigger establishment could take our work and exploit it.” Her big wild eyed look said everything, “the government!” Eddie said “or worse, the dreaded National Security Agency.” By the afternoon, they had all the data necessary to duplicate the experiment, and had it stored on the flash drives. Eddie looked at Alexandria and said “we have three copies of all our work saved, we need to decide how to carefully keep it secured.” This was something Alexandria had never thought about when she started on the project so long ago, now it was a top priority. “What do you think Lydia will do now that she knows?” said Eddie. Alexandria said “I would hope that she keeps us in the loop and doesn’t let the powers that be over run her.” It was the bird who poured more fuel on the fire when he said “Jimmy knows.”


It never occurred to Eddie about how it was that Bruce called him out of the blue, he had met him once at a bar over a few beers long ago. Now all of a sudden he calls offering Eddie a test subject, how convenient. But the bird was right, it was Jim who called Bruce about the talking bird in the lab, he suspected there was a lot more going on in there than just mixing chemicals. This was going to be a real problem now, and if Alexandria ever found out what he did, she would be devastated.

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