Dashburry shipping and Bremen Manufacturing had joined forces to ship propane tanks to Norway, that part was easy for Edmond’s company to set up. What was going to be an issue was to show the board how they could build a conveyor system to a new dock farther out in the bay. He wasn’t sure if they would go along with the idea.

Once the outline was presented, the board asked for some time to review the idea before they decided. It only took a few days before they came back with a decision to go ahead with Edmond’s idea. Now he had to find a contractor to build it. There was a local contractor who he went to college with, Edmond thought he just might take on the challenge.

It was easy to find the main office of Platte construction, and a welcome surprise to see his old classmate Seth Platte. Edmond sat down with the proposal he showed to the mining board and asked him if he wanted to build it. It took Seth a few minutes before he answered, but he told Edmond he thought he could do it, but it would require purchasing a couple of new pieces of equipment. The company wasn’t used to building cement towers or sky rails.

Edmond knew what Platte construction had for equipment, and understood that it would be a stress to tackle such a big project by themselves. He sat back in the chair and told Seth that the Dashburry Shipping Company would like to partner with him to build this project. It would not be an easy one and they both knew it. Seth stood up and said to Edmond “welcome to Platte Construction Inc.” By the time the new machines arrived, survey crews were already clearing ground in town to build the first few towers.

A few weeks later, when the crews were out on the middle island, they radioed back that they found a large sunken hole in the middle island. It wouldn’t be a problem but this thing was large and deep. Seth told the crew boss to make sure there was no tunnels or other hidden pitfalls down there if they could do it safely. The crew boss thought it would be easy to climb down, but there was a lot of vegetation to get through. About an hour later, another shock came over the radio, this time they had found what looked like an old wooden ship wreck in the bottom of the hole.

Seth got the old island charter owner, captain Caleb to run him out to the island so he could see for himself what they found. When Caleb and Seth got to the hole, the crew had cut away a lot of brush from around the wreckage, it was easy to see that it was old. Caleb said from what he could see, it looked like an old Viking ship that sank here when the sea covered over the island long ago.

Seth ordered the crew out of the hole, and instructed them to keep what they found quiet and to tell no one until he could contact authorities. immediately, he called the Maritime Historical Society located on the mainland. He told the secretary he needed to talk to the admiral and quickly. It was about 12 hours later when the plane landed at the small Bremen airport and on board was Lieutenant Ogilsbee Plinkett of the admirals staff.

Caleb, Seth and the lieutenant went to the island to investigate just what it was that the crew found. A careful examination of the cargo hold revealed it indeed was an old Viking war ship and the cargo was still on board but no skeletons were found. They did find old coins, some statues and other small artifacts. The lieutenant thought the artifacts might be being of an Egyptian origin.

Luckily for the construction Seth, this discovery would not delay the project, but it would be a real busy place while the wreck was fully investigated and recovered. Seth’s company would be credited as the finder of the site and would receive an award from the Maritime Historical Society. They would receive worldwide recognition now. When news of the ship hit the offices of Dasburry Shipping, there was excitement everywhere. Edmond had involved in a national treasure discovery, another jewel in the crown of Dashburry Shipping Inc. At least that is what the article read featured in the societies magazine, Platte Company Inc found the ship working on a joint project with Dashburry Shipping Inc.

Dashburry’s reputation spreads, even if this was an accidental find. Bremen Bay is in the spotlight now. Please stop by again to find out more on “what happens at Pops perspective.”

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