Crutchfeldt uncovered something while digging into the old records at the court house as he was looking into the deed Emma had and he found something else. There was an old prison record on Cecille Dashburry in October of 1856. He was tried and convicted of snitching a few spice barrels headed for the mainland and ordered to pay a fine. It must have been quite expensive to pay a fine the judge gave him, and embarrassing. He was fined a thousand dollars for withholding 5 barrels of spice from a shipment of 250.

This small issue made Crutchfeldt wonder how Edmond’s Great Grandmother came to own such a rare green golden eyed Macaw in the first place. Was it part of some other mysterious or underhanded dealings he got involved in? It was Crutchfeldt’s idea to leave things alone, he figured that was in the past and it had no place being brought up now.

But the big surprise came when Beckweldt Enterprise got charged with an ethics violations by the Federal Trade Commission. Beckweldt was indicted for insider trading and was to refrain from operating a business until further notice. The board of directors promptly filed an appeal on the charges. Saying two days before these charges were received, the board had fired the president of the company and most of the upper management team.

The news of these charges hit the department of defense and the Air Force quickly contacted the Dasburry shipping company. The final decision was made to offer Dasburry the contract for all of Air Force’s commercial shipping needs. This was good news for Edmond and the company, because Beckweldt had just paid five hundred thousand dollars in a rental agreement for the site where their tower sat. As part of the deal, they agreed to allow Dashburry shipping the use of the new telecommunication system jointly.

When the ruling of the final settlement about the deed that his mother Emma had, it was announced that Edmond was the rightful owner. With the five hundred thousand the company got, they could start updating all of the equipment instead of making repairs. The new contract with the Air Force would double the business and the company needed to react quickly to be able to handle the heavy load headed their way.

The board of directors for Beckweldt had decided to contact Edmond, to offer another merger option, much better than the last one Bernard made. And this time, Edmond responded in a different manner, he counter offered. He wanted a 51% share of the stock, and he also suggested nominating a new president for the company. Otherwise, he would simply remove the tower and replace it with one of his own and not share it.

This merger would be good for both sides, Edmond could use the equipment and the extra warehouse storage, and Beckweldt needed a new management team. He figured it would satisfy the Federal Trade Commissions demand that the company reorganize and restructure. It only took 20 minutes for the board to accept his merger offer. Within a week, documents were signed.

The Dashburry Shipping Company would soon be known as Dashburry Enterprise Inc. It wasn’t long before other companies expressed an interest to use them as well. After all Dashburry was the main contractor for the new Air Force supply complex that was being built. Edmond was real busy now with setting up new shipping business deals and the overseeing the new warehouse construction progress. Lots of late nights in the study and lots of paperwork. Their reputation was spreading fast.

He came to rely a lot more on Delia to help with the paperwork, lately she had became quite a personal secretary for him. Things were really coming along, it was good, especially for the town of Davington, with new people arriving and jobs everywhere.

On her way to Edmond’s office one morning, Delia stopped by Max’s cage to see how the new mother to be was doing and to see if any of the eggs had hatched yet. She was quite surprised to find that one did! This was real exciting, what would they name the new arrival?

But wait, there are two eggs in that nest. Working on one name is going to be hard enough, there is going to be a need for two. Stop by again to find out more on “what happens at Pop’s perspective.”

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