No one at the Dashburry estate ever gave it a thought, this just doesn’t happen. There had been a few inquiries from other news agencies and magazines about Max. But there was nothing set up or being considered just yet, this was all new for Edmond and the rest of the staff, Max being a celebrity. Crutchfeldt was the guardian at the door and usually answered all those who wanted to take pictures or just go see the now famous bird and family. He told everyone that they would have to wait until a respectable area was established, then they would be allowed as visitors.

The Air Force complex had started on time and was the main focus of a lot of interested job seeking folks . The motels and hotels were full of prospective job seekers and other business interests waiting to get their turn to be interviewed. It was a crowded mess in downtown Davington, something quite unusual.

There was such a demand for places to stay, it almost overwhelmed the local 4 man law enforcement office. Complaints about trespassers and vagrants were the most common. People sleeping in alleys and on park benches, it was just not the normal way of life in Davington. The city council had to approve 3 more recruits just to help with all the problems.

Lucky for Edmond, they were too far from town to be invaded by these extra arrivals. This was just another reason for him to work at home as opposed to working in the office in town. Between the construction of the new warehouses activity and the business with the Air Force contenders, things were complicated enough. He was pleased to see all the new businesses that were cropping up, barber shops, another grocery store and the other expansions of independent small businesses.

Instead of going to the market on a regular basis for things in the pantry, Beulah now simply phoned in the order and had it delivered. Traffic at the estate had became an issue until they installed a gate and a new 8 foot iron fence all around. Well almost all the way around, there were some places where it was almost impossible to get through on the east side. That was out toward the back anyway and close to the huge grove of trees that went for miles after that. Only thing going on back there were the forest animals like the deer and the wild boars. Not all that easy to get around in.

The new video camera that was installed at the gate also made it easy for Crutchfeldt to identify and allow anyone entry into the estate itself. Occasionally there were still those curious folks that came by but not so much now as before the gate. Edmond hoped that after all the construction dust settled things would return to normal.

With all the publicity lately about the rare bird, there were some who thought it would be an easy matter of taking Max and hold her for ransom. Just walk in, grab and run. It would have worked too, but for one thing, no one knew that Max would sound off loudly. Edmond was working in his office late one night when they broke in and he came running when he heard Max yell “Intruder”. He wasn’t the only one who heard the screech, so did Beulah and Crutchfeldt.

When Edmond saw the two in the great room, they were still trying to haul the cage and Max out the door. Suddenly the bright lights came on, and there Crutchfeldt was, standing with a hunting rifle aimed at them both. Edmond came around the corner and told Crutchfeldt to hold them while he alerted the police. Beulah peeked out and saw what was going on and immediately went to her closet and took out a costume she used for Halloween parties, a police uniform!

She went out the back door of the kitchen and came through the front door and yelled, “police, down on the ground now!” The two young would be robbers panicked and dropped like a rocks. Beulah told Crutchfeldt “keep them covered while I put on the restraints”. It only took a few minutes before the real police arrived. “That was a dangerous thing you did Oswald said Edmond, you too Beulah, thank you both.” Now calmed a bit, it was suddenly evident, where was Delia? Why wasn’t she here too? They didn’t know she was unconscious and stuffed in the hall closet.

When she came to, Delia staggered out of the closet door, the two bird nappers had grabbed her as she walked past the corner of the great room. She had been headed for the kitchen to get a glass of milk when they stepped out, knocked her out and put her in the hall closet. That racket woke up Max and started her to screeching. Edmond said “we will have to get better security installed immediately.” Hard times for some, and fortunately, Max and the young ones are safe.

Too bad that had to happen, but these days anything is possible. Max isn’t the only celebrity, Edmond has made quite a name for himself as well. Stop on by again to find out more on “what happens at Pop’s perspective.”

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