Everyone was quite pleased to see the new chicks in the nest Max built. Those two little pink babies would soon have feathers and turn green just like their mother. There were also plans in motion to build them a new cage, bigger and more like the outdoors but inside. With the break in, the decision was made to build them in a safer place to stay.

It was not like they were being separated from the daily activity of the goings on in the house, they would be put in a new addition to the estate. Climate controlled, enclosed with safety glass, running water and some green foliage. Just the thing a new baby parrots would enjoy, and mom would too. No more being cooped up in that old small cage, the new one would be better.

But before they were going to the new cage, everyone agreed that those new babies should have names. The public would expect that such rare birds should have names. Beulah said she knew that one

was a girl and the other one was a boy. Edmond was a bit surprised that she said that and asked how she knew. “I was raised on the farm when I was a little girl, my father taught me how to figure out which baby chick was a boy or a girl and that’s how I know about these two. We would keep the girls and sell the boys she said, we sold eggs, not full grown chickens.”

“Now,” she said, “I think I would like to call the little girl Hildagard and the little boy I’d name Ignatius.” Edmond, Delia and Crutchfeldt looked at each other for a bit, then one by one, nodded their head in agreement. “lets make it official” said Crutchfeldt, “I have a bottle of 20 year old brandy that would be good for the toast of our two new family additions.”

It didn’t take but three weeks to build a bay window style cage addition off the great room. This would be a good place for invited visitors to come and see the new birds without the worry someone might try to steal them again, and they would be able to see the rest of the family because the inside was the old fashioned open wire style cage like the old cage had before.

Delia worked on the inside of the new cage, putting in flowering plants, rocks, a small water pond and a feeding perch for all three. Now that the enclosure was complete, Beulah contacted the Davington Ledger news paper department to let them know that the new arrivals were officially ready for visitors. All that was necessary for the photographers and journalists to come to see them was to set up an appointment at the Dashburry estate. The general public would have to wait for a special occasion before they could see the birds. These were famous celebrities after all, just like movie stars.

At a month Hilda and Iggy both had little green feathers all over, no more naked pink for them. They had grown quite a bit and were everywhere in the enclosure or setting on the nearest perch enjoying the sunshine.

Winter was coming, the cold and ice that used to be a problem wouldn’t be now, there was too much shipping traffic for the water to freeze over. The new warehouse was finally complete and the Air Force had finished building their projects too, the town had settled down and it was finally quiet once again. There were a lot more folks around, a few new homes were built and the additions to the motels were almost complete as well.

The harbor was a lot busier, the traffic in and out had nearly doubled. Two new cargo cranes, there were several new cargo trailers moving around the warehouses, lots of stuff was moving. Winter might slow things down around the warehouse district but not around the docks.

Edmond was looking out the window at the fall colors around the estate and suddenly has an idea. He calls Crutchfeldt and asks him if he would like to do him a favor. It’s an idea I have but I don’t have the time to do it myself he says, I hope you can find the time. Edmond doesn’t know why he didn’t think of it before, the years have passed so quickly since his mother passed, and the business had needed so much of his attention. There was one more part to the idea that he wasn’t really sure about, what if it didn’t turn out like he expected? What if Delia didn’t like the idea of going on a buggy ride in the country with him? What would he do?

It’s about time Edmond started to notice what is going on. Living with a celebrity isn’t easy, and running a business is just as time consuming. But this is a place Edmond has never gone before. Stop back by again to find out more on “what happens at Pop’s perspective.”

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