It still bothered Crutchfeldt, the bit about Hershel Agsworth cheating his dear friend Emma in a land deal, Agsworth was such a thankless wretch. But Crutchfeldt was a patient person, he would eventually figure something out, a way to right the wrong that happened, in good time. Now it was Crutchfeldt’s turn to get an idea, why didn’t he think of it before? This idea was the most efficient point-blank way to approach the problem he had with Hershel, and it was the right way to do it legally without any violence.

Crutchfeldt went back to the assessors office and did a little more looking into the files, he knew he would find more suspicious transactions if he just took the time to look into it a bit. He knew a lot of folks he had made friends with over the years and he knew they would divulge family secrets if he asked in the right way. But first, he checked the county tax records.

Within a few hours he had made a list that had about 6 different names on it, and those names were associated with friends Crutchfeldt knew. The next thing he had to do was to quietly go about talking to these folks, and confide in their trust to keep quiet about what he was about to say. He didn’t want to make it look like he was going around complaining to his friends about how Emma was cheated.

It took almost a month for Crutchfeldt to go see these friends on his list, and to his surprise they all had bad feelings about how Hershel had taken advantage of them too. Most of the family sold property through an agent, and the agent turned around and sold it to the bank. Only problem, this agent was an employee of the bank and they found out much later his boss was Hershel Agsworth.

Since Crutchfeldt now had a lot of facts established and checked out, he approached Edmond with it. He knew Edmond would be interested about it, he just didn’t have the time to do it himself. It only took Edmond a few minutes before he contacted the chairman of the Davington National board of directors. An hour later, they were setting in the his office showing him the documents they found in the assessors office.

The chairman told Edmond that the board would investigate this matter very thoroughly and quite quickly. If it was true as he suspected it might be, they would dismiss Hershel and issue a formal apology to all those that were taken advantage of. But as to making up the difference, there was nothing that the bank would do.

Crutchfeldt was relieved by the news of the investigation and felt that Emma also knew now, she would rest easier he thought. But it wasn’t over with, not by a long shot. Not for Hershel that is because now one of his more brutal clients found out about the investigation. Bernard Shakelton filed a law suit naming Hershel Agsworth as the defendant in a misrepresentation case. He personally was asking for a one point five million dollar settlement in the deed matter and a five hundred thousand dollar claim for defamation of character. Things just started to fall apart for Hershel, first the bank investigates his real estate dealings and now he is being sued by Shakelton.

Bank auditors found out that Hershel was undercutting the land deals by using a bank employee to negotiate the sale of the property to the bank. And in turn Hershel would profit from the sale by selling that same piece for a substantial increase which he split with the banks agent. That gave the board reason to dismiss both him and the agent for unethical behavior immediately. Hershel could now get busy with his lawyer to fight the law suit that Bernard brought against him.

According to his lawyer, Hershel had bought the property under suspicious conditions yes, but the deed was not legally changed and therefor was listed as abandoned. In a later case it turned out that the decision to award ownership to Dashburry Shipping Inc. was not the fault of Hershel Agsworth, he was not liable for the property after he sold it to Shackleton. This made Bernard furious, he was livid with rage but there was nothing he could do to Hershel Agsworth, legally that is. Not only did he loose the lawsuit but he had also lost his prestigious job as president at Beckweldt Enterprise.

Things are not looking good for Hershel, this Shackleton fella could be real trouble. To find out what the outcome is please come on back to see “what happens at Pop’s perspective.”

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