Crutchfeldt came back by Edmond’s office and told him that the arrangements had been made, their neighbor was really pleased that he wanted to borrow their buggy for the weekend. They would make sure the horse was the best they had and that it would behave. Edmond had only driven a horse drawn sleigh once long ago, and then only around the estate with his mother at his side.

This episode was going to be entirely different, but he thought he could do it without too much trouble. The only thing that really made him nervous was the part about Delia, he had to ask, no one else could. He went to find where she was, it was in the laundry, she was using the iron on the newly washed and starched curtains from one of the guest rooms.

When she saw him, a big smile came across her face. “Good morning Sir” she said. He stopped a few feet from her and said, “Edmond, please call me Edmond.” She blushed slightly and said “oh.” He told her he was pleased with how the linen in the house looked, it was always so crisp and pretty, just right. Now Delia was smiling even bigger, it was always her worry that maybe the table cloths would not pass his inspection she said.

Edmond let out a laugh, he said he was afraid that Beulah would scold him if he spilled anything on it. Now it was Delia’s turn to laugh. She looked at him and said, “was there something I need to change or re-do”? “Oh no he said, nothing like that.” “I came by to ask you if you would like to join me this weekend, on a horse drawn buggy trip around the grounds.” Delia almost fainted, she had never been near a horse or ever in a buggy. Her hands were shaking, she had to set the iron down before she dropped it.

Edmond came over quickly and helped her put it down on the ironing board, took her hand and said, “relax, it’s alright, I just hope I don’t make a fool out of myself, Crutchfeldt would not let me forget it.”

Still a little nervous, Delia let out another little laugh and nodded yes. She was so scared, this was going to be her first time doing anything with a guy! She had friends at the orphanage but it was usually with girls, she was shy around the boys. They usually avoided her because she had the reputation of being unruly and bossy.

Right after Edmond left, there was a loud crash from the kitchen, something had happened, so she ran to see. It was Crutchfeldt, he had been carrying an old wooden wine box for Beulah and tripped when he went out the back kitchen door. When she got there, he told her he thought he had broken his arm, poor Crutchfeldt. Beulah ran to get Edmond while Delia stayed to help him up. “What a mess he said, I am so clumsy.” Edmond heard that as he came running over. “You are not, besides it was just an old box” he said, “but we do need to get you to the doctor and now!”

Edmond didn’t usually drive, but this time he did. Delia was waiting for them when they cane back, standing there holding the door. “How is he she said?” Edmond said he was a tough bird but only had one wing for now. “He has a cast but he will be good as new in a couple of weeks.” Crutchfeldt looked a little pale as he walked by, and he winked at Delia.

It was a little odd to see him wearing a sling in his buttoned up suit, but everyone didn’t mind, he was still Oswald Crutchfeldt, he was still family. Even Max kept quiet, not really normal but maybe she felt sorry for him too. One morning when he stepped out the front door, there was a surprise. Wild bores had torn up the prized rose garden, they had up-rooted almost all of the plants. Crutchfeldt was shocked! He turned around and quickly went back inside to find Edmond. Edmond said it was a big mess, but why did they do this now? Edmond called the Gardner he used and told him what had happened. The Gardner told Edmond that this type of thing had happened recently to another account he had, wild bores had torn up a flower garden there too. He thought it might be a new fertilizer he had tried, one that had twenty five percent ground up dried fish in the mixture.

Well of course those pigs would tear up the rose garden, it was the fish! Things just get better, stop on by to find out more on “what happens at Pop’s perspective.”

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