Things were going pretty smoothly for the Dashburry company, cargo was moving at a regular rate and no hang-ups with the increases of traffic. Edmond was making sure that the shipping equipment was in top shape and there were no safety issues either. Several new business had came on board because of the ease of moving things with the company.

One morning Edmond was told he had a special visitor from the Air Force waiting to see him. It was Lt. Colonel James Cornell, Operations Division, special tactics and he had brought a request for Edmond to look at. The Colonel told him it was a highly classified matter and this shipment would require some special preparation and close cooperation with security. Edmond told him the staff on board were pretty well trained and well equipped. “This time” he said, “the Air Force is going to require a more specialized delivery method, not like anything we have normally used before.” The cargo is time sensitive and we need it to get to the destination quietly and quickly he said. “It will take about sixteen six hours from here to the destination and right now, this is the only approved method available. The Colonel gave Edmond a folder, and asked for him to hold out his wrist. A brief case was put on the desk and it had a chain attached to it with a hand cuff on the other end.

Edmond was told he was to carry the case on board one of the cargo ships that was headed for Norway. Once you get to the dock, a man with a yellow hat will greet you, give this folder to him and follow his instructions. Do you understand? Edmond asked what was inside the case and the Colonel said it was classified as a need to know basis and he didn’t need to know. He did say that the case goes where you go, it is now part of you until you reach your destination. There will be no exceptions.

Edmond left word with Crutchfeldt that he had to make a visit to Norway and would return the next day. When he got to the dock in Norway, he noticed a tall man with a yellow hat and a long tan coat standing on the dock. He approached him and gave him the folder. All the guy said was “follow me.” They went through several buildings and one small door and once inside he was told to put the case up on the counter. The guard behind the counter opened it and nodded to the man with the yellow hat. The man then unlocked the cuff on Edmond’s hand and escorted him outside.

On the way back to the ship he stopped for a minute and turned to the guy in the yellow hat. “What was in the case?” yellow hat says “nine miniature control devices for an experimental guidance system worth three quarters of a million dollars, that’s all. Thank you and good by.”

Edmond felt a little weak in the knees, guidance system components? Still a little woozy he got on board and quietly rested until he got home the next morning.

He came home that evening and walked by the cage where max and the little ones were. He stopped suddenly when he heard “baby bird.” He turned to look and there were the two little ones on the perch with Max setting on the rock. He whistled low and soft while looking at Max. It was Iggy that said “baby bird.” Edmond was shocked! Then he looked at Iggy and whistled again, this time Hilda fluffed up her feathers and clearly said “baby bird.” Edmond had to set down, he didn’t know that the little ones could talk. Beulah came out of the kitchen and saw him setting there, looking puzzled. She came over to the cage and said “baby bird’ to the two little ones on the perch. They repeated it back to her in harmony. She turned to Edmond and said, “I have been working with these two for sometime now, they just started to talk last week, I am so proud of them.” “Me too said Edmond, me too.”

When he got back to his desk he noticed a letter addressed to him. It was from the board of directors of the Beckweldt company. The letter said that they had decided to elect a new chairman of the board for the company. Obviously they had finally managed to get things in order after the Federal Trade Commission dropped the suit. The board wanted to elect Edmond as the chairman, and wanted to know if he would accept their nomination. The shareholder meeting was one week away and they needed an answer now.

The brief case, the birds and now this. He needed a glass of wine to settle his nerves. He went into the kitchen for some wine as Delia was coming around the corner with an empty milk glass in her hand. She said “you look a little disturbed Edmond, are you all right?” “Let me get a glass of wine, we’ll set down and I will tell you about it” he said.

Poor Edmond, he doesn’t know if he is on foot or horse back. He’s real confused all right. Please stop by again next time to find out more on “what happens at Pops perspective.”

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