Having a cast on his arm made it a chore to get around in the estate, he was not used to the arm cast quite yet. Several times he had almost knocked over the flower vase at the entry was door, but he managed to catch it before anything bad happened.

He was coming out of the Edmond’s office when he bumped into one of several old plaster statues scattered about the hallway. This one was just outside the door and just a bit too close to avoid with the cast. This one was not real valuable but it had been with the family for a very long time. The statue hit the floor and broke into pieces, scattering everywhere.

It was Delia who showed up first, then Beulah. Crutchfeldt’s face was so red, it almost matched his tie he wore. They both knew it was an accident, and simply went about helping him pick up the pieces. But in the lower half of the statue was a small wooden box. Beulah picked up the base of the statue and said “this is strange, it looks like a small wooden box.”


They put the piece back on the pedestal and pulled out the box. It was hand carved, quite old looking but it did not open like normal. Delia took a closer look and said it’s a puzzle box, a very old one.

Everyone tried to open it, but no one was able to figure out how, it remained a puzzle. When Edmond came home that evening, the box was still setting on the great room table, right where Crutchfeldt and Delia had left it earlier.

Beulah came out of the kitchen and when she saw Edmond she said “that is an old puzzle box that was found in one of the old statues today.” “Poor Crutchfeldt accidentally knocked it off the stand and it broke.” Edmond was fascinated with the box, he picked it up and went to his office. After careful study, he tried several times to get the box to open, it would not open. As he put it aside, his thumb moved a little piece on the corner, he picked it back up to look at it closer. This piece had moved! He slid it until it stopped and the lid started to open up.

Excited, Edmond carefully opened the lid and saw a very old piece of folded leather inside. Carefully unfolding it, he could see there was something written on the inside of it. There were symbols and strange writing. He did not know how to read it or even understand what it was that he had. He called Crutchfeldt to come to the office, maybe he could help.

When Crutchfeldt came in, he noticed Edmond had opened the box and said “well done sir, you got it open.” Edmond looked at him and said, “maybe not so good, I found this inside.” He showed Crutchfeldt what he found. After looking at carefully, Crutchfeldt said that it was very old indeed. This was quite a surprise for both of them. “Do you think that maybe Delia or Beulah might know what this writing is” said Edmond. “It wont hurt to ask” said Crutchfeldt. “Lets go ask” Edmond says.

Delia took a look at it and although amazed, she had no idea what to think of it. Delia handed it to Beulah and she studied it for a bit and said “indeed it is old, I think that language is Icelandic, or maybe Norwegian, I’m not sure.” Edmond said he knew someone who could translate the writing, an old college professor. He carefully wrote down on a piece of paper what the leather had, but he left out the symbols. Something told him to keep that part secret. Delia said “you forgot some of it” as she watched him write. She suddenly stopped, “you think maybe this is a treasure map?” Beulah and Crutchfeldt looked at him too and suddenly realized that she was right. It just could be a map!

If Edmond wrote down all the details, he thought someone would somehow find out about it and their chances of figuring it out first would be gone. And if it was a map, someone else could get there first. The viking discovery that was made at Bremen Bay reminded him of that possibility. Those artifacts found there were priceless.

Edmond went to see someone, a professor Thrumsby, the history teacher. From what Edmond wrote down, Thrumsby said the language looked like old Norwegian and it read like directions to a location. Somewhere. He didn’t know where this was, not enough information.

It looks like maybe Edmond had the right idea, by not disclosing the rest of the symbols on the leather piece. More puzzle work for Edmond. Find out more about it on “what happens at Pops perspective.”

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