Up in Bremen Bay, construction of the new mining company’s sky-way transportation system was well under way. Several tower locations were under construction and this last one near the town was due to start. When the bulldozer started to remove old trees and rocks, they uncovered part of an old stone floor. Seth was notified about it and came to investigate.

He thought that the area had been reviewed for old buildings and the right-of-way was taken care of, wasn’t this site mentioned in the request for past property owners? The history they found on it said that a church had been there once but an earthquake destroyed it in 1750. The only thing that the assessors office had on it now was something about another old church being built but it too fell down around the same time the town first got started. Since then, there were no other records of ownership claim being made by anyone and that it has been that way for over 85 years.

Looking over site, this would not be a problem for the tower construction, but to be safe he suggested they move it away a bit from the stone floor. This place was a church once, long ago and the ground where it once stood should be considered sacred. Strange but a good thing this site was outside of town, overlooking the bay.

The map that Edmond discovered in the old hand carved wooden box the statue held was always on his mind. One of the symbols on the map was a cross, and it looked like this cross was on the side of a mountain. But it was also strange because he didn’t know any place up or down the coast that had two islands off shore of what looked like the coast. The other symbol looked like a sword,

Maybe he could ask his old friend captain Caleb to see if he knew of any areas along the vast coastline. Maybe he knew about a place that had an old church up in the mountains. That was a step in the right direction, he just didn’t know it. What were these two other crude circles, islands? They seemed to be a long ways apart for anything Edmond could relate to, it didn’t make sense.

Captain Caleb had some old charts and maps from long ago stashed in an old chest he got from his grandfather, they were real old and now useless for commercial use today. But he still kept them for sentimental reasons. When Edmond asked him if he knew of any churches that were up in the mountains he said he had never heard of or had seen any anywhere. There were lots of churches he said, all up and down the coast, but none way up high in the mountains. But when Edmond drew two circles and a coastline, captain Caleb jumped up.

“I think I know right where that place is” he said. He went into the back room and came out with a roll of old maps his grandfather had. When he rolled one out, it looked like Bremen Bay but it had two islands. Captain said, the middle island was about 3 feet under water way back then, but today it is above water, but only by a few feet. “But there aint no church in the mountains around here though he said. I don’t know where a place like that would be.”

Edmond told him he was helpful and that he would continue to look into this anyway. His next stop was to see how the mining project was coming along and went to find Seth. “The project is well underway” he said, “nothing we can’t get around or fix.” Edmond asked him what it was that he had trouble getting around? When Seth told him about one of the tower locations being real close to an old church foundation, the light came on. “Show me this tower” said Edmond, “I want to see it.” Edmond told Seth that there was a possibility that the tower could become real important if what he suspected was true. “its up on the hillside, one of three we are putting up before we cross the water at the waters edge” Seth told him. It only took one look out the window and up the hillside near the mine. How simple it was to see that a church way up there could be called a mountain top church for sure.

Edmond knew he had figured out where the map was talking about, now it made sense about the church and the mountain. What did not make sense was the map symbol of the sword. How does that fit in? Was there a battle, was someone buried nearby? A possible grave maybe?

A lot of questions, and a lot of putting pieces of a puzzle together. Crutchfeldt started it, Edmond was going to get to the bottom of it for sure. As usual to find out more, check back on “what happens at Pops perspective.”

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