Seth and Edmond stood on the hillside where the new sky-way tower was being built. They walked over to where the old stone floor had been partially uncovered by the construction crew. Seth saw that an old tree root had caused a large crack in the middle of the partially exposed floor. The whole foundation was not exposed, the rest was still covered with dirt and brush.

Edmond asked Seth if he knew how big this floor could be and Seth said “lets find out.” It didn’t take the crew very long to uncover two sides of the old floor. Seth was curious about a slightly sunken spot just off to the left. “That, he said, is why I told the guys to back away from this spot, I wasn’t too sure about the ground being stable.” Edmond looked at Seth and said “could you have your crew clear the ground around it a little bit more by hand?” Seth looks at Edmond and asks why. “I only ask that you trust me as much as I trust you he said.” As more of the floor was exposed Jenkins, one of the crew members said “this is a lot bigger than I thought.”

Edmond walks over to the sunken part of the ground near the foundation and turns to Seth and asks if he thought that it might be an old cellar. Seth gets closer to it and looks back at the floor and then the shallow dip and then says to Edmond “could be.” Edmond takes Seth off to one side and says “I suspect that maybe that spot is not a cellar, it might be a burial chamber. We have to find out, and you will have to be careful digging there because this is old church land he said.”

The crew began digging near the shallow spot by hand, and pretty soon they found an old wooden plank, then several more. “It looks like a roof of a tunnel which was made long ago said Seth.” Edmond said to carefully pull up one of the planks and look to see what was below. When the old plank was pulled up, a black tunnel appeared below. “You were right Seth said, I can see another stone floor down there!” “It looks like the entrance might have been inside somewhere beneath the floor of the old church.” “We need to proceed carefully said Edmond, that tunnel could collapse or it might already be blocked anyway.”

They finally got the hole big enough to lower Jenkins inside. The air was stale and there was no light except from above. A flashlight was handed down so he could see. “There is a tunnel he said, and it’s blocked in the direction of the floor, but it goes on further toward the east. I can almost see a wall, but I am not sure.” “Be very careful Jenkins and get closer to the wall, see if there is anything on it said Seth.”

When Jenkins came back he said there was some kind of writing above a small door that had some fancy art work. He couldn’t figure out what it said, but he wrote down what he saw on a piece of paper and gave it to Seth. Edmond told him that was good enough for now, and to come on up out of the hole before it collapses on you.

Neither Seth or anyone else could read and understand what was written on the piece of paper, but the fancy art work sketch looked like a lot like a family crest Edmond thought. “We need to take this to the church bishop downtown and ask him if he knows what it says said Seth.” He tells Jenkins to put the plank back over the shaft and cover it lightly with dirt. We don’t want any stray visitors going down there he said.

When they showed the bishop the writing and the drawing, he said he knew exactly what it was. This was a funeral crypt of someone very important. He wasn’t sure who, but he could search the records and find out soon. Edmond told Seth he would be back in a couple of days and asked him to keep this discovery quiet, they did not need grave robbers destroying anything in the crypt. He did tell Seth that there was more to the discovery and that he would be back in a few days, but right now he had to do more research. When he got back to the office, he took out the map and looked more closely at sword symbol next to the church cross symbol. It made sense now, this crypt might be a king or a famous worrier of long ago. This find would set off another media event, just as big as the Viking ship did.

Well now, a crypt, a map and what else could there be? Who is in the chamber, who made the map?

There will be answers to this and a few more soon. Please stop by again to find out more on “what happens at Pops perspective.”

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