A little more thinking about the map Edmond found in the hand carved wooden box inside the statue draws a conclusion. This statue came from his great grandfather, Cesille Dashburry back in 1856. Back then, this little box could have fallen into his hands from anywhere, he was convicted once for taking spice barrels out of a shipment from the far east. There was no way of knowing where it came from.

The writing was old Norwegian as the college professor had pointed out, that and the fact that there was an old Viking sailing ship found in the harbor. This box might have belonged to a survivor from the ship wreck, and his great grandfather somehow got hold of it. Edmond figures Cesille didn’t know how to open it, but wanted to hide it quickly from someone.

Things could have went on for many years if Crutchfeldt hadn’t accidentally knocked over the statue with his cast. Did any of the other statues have hidden secrets inside them too? This was something he would investigate later. Right now he had to get back to Seth and the crypt before the church Bishop asked about where this crypt was. This little map showed it held more than just a famous skeleton.

He had to move quickly, he just did not completely trust the Bishop.

Edmond went back to Bremen Bay and contacted Seth Platte the contractor and his business partner, he needed to tell him about the map. After talking with Seth about the map, the crypt and the Bishop, it was decided that just the two of them would go to the site. It would be a good time since it was the weekend and no one was around anyway.

It was easy to open up the tunnel and go down inside to take their first close look. Lots of spider webs and dried mud on the face of the crypt wall. A little assistance and the crypt door opened with a loud squeak. Their flashlights shone on a large stone box that was inside the crypt. And leaning up along the side of the box was the sword that the map showed. They pulled the sword out of the crypt and gently closed the door. Edmond turned to Seth and said, “if this belonged to the one in the tomb, then it would have been inside the box.” Seth agreed, it made sense.

“What do we do with it then he said? We can’t say we found it inside the crypt, the Bishop will say it belongs to the church. “ Edmond said “lets just take this back to the office and we will decide what to do from there.” They covered up the tunnel after putting the planks back and covering them up again.

In the office, Seth says “I feel like a grave robber.” Edmond tells him that they would not have found it without the map. No one would have ever looked for it to begin with.. A closer look at the sword revealed more strange writing on the blade. “I think this is a job for the college professor to solve for us, he doesn’t need to know where we found it, just yet.”

When Edmond and Seth showed the professor the sword, he got real excited after reading the lettering it had on it. He said “gentlemen, I think this is the sword of Sir Augustine, a knight of the round table. That is what I think the writing on it says anyway. Where did you find it?” Edmond looks at him and said “it was uncovered during some excavation work we were doing over at Bremen Bay. Same place where the Viking ship was found. We think it was once on that ship and a survivor got off the ship before it sank and hid it.

It was buried under a pile of rocks near the construction site for the new sky-way tower we are building. It was just pure luck we found it where we did. “The Smithsonian museum will be delighted to put it with their display of armor they have, said the professor. This is a grand find Edmond, a great find, credit goes to both of you.” Seth walks out with Edmond and says, “that was a very good story about how it was discovered, it will make the townsfolk real proud.”

It didn’t take too long before the story about the sword came to Davington, and once again Edmond was a real popular fellow. On the way home, his thoughts turned to an idea about how this might be a good time to take Miss Delia for another ride in the country side.

Its been fun working with Edmond and Crutchfeldt, and now their story has came to an end. But don’t fear, there is another story coming along. I would like to introduce you to Albert Livingston, from the Boston Burroughs. Stop on by here to learn more on “what happens at Pop’s perspective.”

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