The Entity (Part 6)


Lydia contacted an old partner in the medical profession, a Dr. Elijah Comstock, who was someone she had worked with before coming to the lab. Now days he was a very prominent psychiatrist with his own notable practice. She told him she had an extremely sensitive issue to discuss with him and needed his expertise to decide what to do with it. Lydia told him that this new discovery would set the medical world on its ear, and she needed to see him immediately.

Dr. Comstock arrived at the office first thing the next morning, after flying in from Boston. They went to Lydia’s office where she began to explain what it was she had. “One of my staff, a MIT graduate in micro biology has developed a bio-nanite technology that can be applied cross species.” She went on to explain that this experiment had worked on a bird and a monkey, but no human trials had yet been approved. She looked at him and said, “the implications of this technology would be the future of brain disorder as we know it.”

Elijah just sat there, watching her to see if maybe she was psychotic or delusional. Their discussion went on for a couple of hours, and everything they came across in the notes indicated that this indeed was a fantastic discovery. He wanted to meet this amazing team, to get his own perception of their ability and character. He really wanted to analyze them first hand.

After meeting with Eddie and Alexandria for almost two hours, Dr. Elijah was quite impressed with their work and explained that it would be a while before they could experiment with a human. The FDA would have to be convinced, and that would mean lots of independent studies. Alexandria didn’t object to additional studies, she just wanted to remain the prominent factor in any studies and absolutely maintain total credit for the discovery both her and Eddie had accomplished. Dr. Elijah said that could be arranged, but it would take a little time. He suggested they patent the concept immediately so as to protect their find. It would cost several thousand dollars to do that but the lab would fund it so long as the lab was mentioned as being the prototypical discovery lab. Eddie and Alexandria looked at each other and said “I think we can accept that, without reservation.” Dr. Elijah said he would work with Lydia and they would prepare the documents of discovery and have it ready for them to sign by noon tomorrow.

After Lydia and Elijah left the lab, Eddie reached out and hugged Alexandria, spinning her around and jumping up and down, “Alex you did it, we did it, we’re gonna be famous!” Alexandria stood back after he let her gain her balance, looked at Eddie and said “we are also going to be able to do so much more.” Eddie got a strange look on his face, “we are also going to be rich!”


When Jim opened the door for Dr. Elijah to get into the car, he said “I hope you had a good day Dr.” Elijah turned to him and said “it has turned out to be a great day, and the beginning of a new era for mankind.” Suddenly, Jim knew that there was something that had happened, a distinguished visitor and now he was saying a new era for mankind, there had to be something real big going on. He would have to keep his ear to the wall and find out more quickly, but first he needed to talk to Bruce. When he called, Bruce told him that when they brought the monkey back, it was a total new monkey. He suspected that it was a substitute, but this one had the bite marks and the missing hair, it had to be the same one. Jim told him that a famous shrink visited the lab today and told him that there was something going on that he needed to check on, something big. He got up from his desk and started to visit the offices in the cubical area to see if there was anything he could pick up on. He overheard one of the staff girls talking to Lydia in the hallway, about these official forms they had, did they need to be notarized? Lydia said she would take care of that, just get them put together and bring them to her office in a security envelope. Lydia said “this discovery Alexandria and Eddie have made is a highly sensitive matter and must remain a secret, am I clear?” The office worker said “I completely understand.”


Jim was able to put two and two together, it had to do with that monkey and that bird and he needed to inform Bruce immediately. Jim decided he should not call him from the office, the call might be traced or someone could possibly over hear him so he took an early lunch to call Bruce. He walked into Mike’s Burger and Brew across the busy street, called Bruce and asked him to meet him there as soon as he could. Jim said that he had some big news that he couldn’t talk about over the phone. Jim was waiting on the corner, watching traffic when he saw a kid on a bike suddenly swerve out into traffic, and he jumped off the curb and grabbed the kid, throwing him off the bike and onto the sidewalk just as the car swerved to miss him. As he turned to see how the kid was, another car coming around the corner hit him and threw him into the path of an oncoming bus. Jim died instantly, he never saw the second car coming but the kid was safe.

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