The Entity (Part 7)


It was Lydia who told Alexandria about the death of the Jim the security guard. It was a total shock to all the staff at the lab. She told Eddie she had the necessary documents ready for them to sign, and as soon as they were able, they needed to come up stairs. Alexandria was exhausted, all the data being loaded took a lot of work. If she only knew about Eddie’s little modification to the original program, she would probably have shot him right where he stood. She didn’t know he had modified the chemical sequence for the insertion of the bio-nanites onto the cloned cells. A critical step in the procedure, one which he forgot to reset back after he made his first copy of the procedure he sold. Eddie had a big gambling problem and he needed a lot of money fast so he sold it to a competitor for a large sum of money several weeks ago. The biggest problem was, this competitor wasn’t going to let either of them bring the discovery to light, this competitor intended to eliminate both of them and quite soon. The process that they had given Lydia and the ones that they made for themselves were faulty, and if Alexandria was to examine the data, she would notice it immediately. But she was to worried about the news of it getting out, she didn’t notice.


Dr. Comstock and his lab director didn’t know the process they got from Eddie was corrupted, they hadn’t had time to try it out. Dr Comstock, in his practice had developed a drug that was dangerous. It caused the subject to loose portions of critical memory, causing them to waken with the mind of someone in the eighth grade. He used it to modify the violent behavior in the individuals that he decided needed it. He thought that one dose of his chemical concoction and Eddie would be useless to the lab and the experiment. He injected Lydia with it first, then when Eddie was distracted, him too. Alexandria had been going over her files, while she was waiting for Eddie and had just noticed the error when the needle stuck her too.

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