Hi everyone, and welcome to It’s Pop’s Perspective.

This is the beginning of a new project for me, thought I would give it a go. This is what they call a blog, and I’m sure you know what that is or you wouldn’t be here. I want you to use your imagination and I hope you enjoy reading what I put here.

In this component part of reality, I will share with you what I have in MY wagon. One just like everyone else has, the imaginary one you get in your harness and pull around everyday new day. It holds memories, and experiences, both good and bad. It holds the reason for making us do what we do.

Here, on this site, I will tell stories or relate experiences I have had. This is where you can let your mind wander, it will be just like you are right there with me and doing it yourself!

I have been retired now for going on 4 years. The first 2 or 3 years were easy, not knowing which way to turn or what to do first. It was freaky fun and panic all at once and in one place. What the hell was I thinking, could I have made a mistake? Will I be able to eat, stay in a house, go anywhere? What will it be like? Holy cow, I gotta get back in the harness!

Trust me, all in good time. Ya need a little patience and perspective, it will eventually start to make sense to you. You still have your wagon, you are still in the ‘saddlery’, it’s just not as heavy anymore. That is the big difference. For those who have already retired, you understand. For those about to retire, preparation is your biggest obstacle, you have to have something to do when you do retire. Eliminate as much debt as possible, that eases the mental strain.

The first few years go quickly, and you go through all those things you had in mind when you stepped away from the steady pull. A couple years later and now you’re bored. Didn’t get bored before, you were either frustrated or you had a reason to jump up and get to tugging on that harness again.

That brings me to the point of this explanation.

I had to find something to do to keep me from growing actual roots. I could have turned into a recliner spud very easily. Something in the wagon started to raise hell and told me to get going, don’t get all stiff, shrivel up and disappear.

All right, by now I am sure you get the idea. I will babble on enough from here on out as it is and you can go away shaking your head. Or, you can keep coming back for another dose of “its Pops perspective.”